Union: Cops “Withheld” Information From Emts Fired In Response To Tyre Nichols

Union: Cops “Withheld” Information From Emts Fired In Response To Tyre Nichols- According to the head of the block that represents the majority of the Memphis fire department, the officers who asked for medical help after viciously beating Tyre Nichols “withheld” information from the EMTs who arrived on the scene.

The three fired EMTs were not provided with the information they required to appropriately respond to the call for medical assistance, according to Thomas Malone, president of the Memphis Fire Fighters Association, in a letter to city council members.

Five Memphis police officers severely beat Nichols for three minutes during a traffic stop on January 7. The workers were dismissed for failing to “perform a proper patient assessment,” according to the lawsuit. Three days later, the father and FedEx driver, 29, passed away, and five police officers have been charged with his murder.

Union: Cops "Withheld" Information From Emts Fired In Response To Tyre Nichols
Union: Cops “Withheld” Information From Emts Fired In Response To Tyre Nichols

In the letter to the MPs, Malone said that “no member could be fully prepared for a circumstance that occurred on January 7, 2023.”

When they were dispatched or arrived on the site, “Our members were not provided appropriate information,” Malone claimed. Quite candidly, our members handled the situation differently than they should have since the information from individuals on the scene was concealed.

Following a departmental review of their actions in the wake of Nichol’s death, the medics Robert Long, JaMichael Sandridge, and Lt. Michelle Whitaker were all sacked. A state medical board also suspended the professional licences of Long and Sandridge after reviewing 19 minutes of surveillance video that purportedly demonstrated the EMTs’ lack of intervention.

Even a layperson could see that Nichols “was in horrible misery and needed treatment,” according to one board member. Board member Sullivan Smith remarked, “They failed to provide that assistance.” They were his finest effort, yet they were ineffective.

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Gina Sweat, the fire chief in Memphis, stated that the department received a call from the police regarding a male who had been pepper sprayed.

She stated that Nichols was restrained and slumped against a squad car when the emergency personnel showed up at 8:41 p.m.

According to the information they had obtained from police, Long and Sandridge “failed to complete an adequate patient assessment of Mr. Nichols” while Whitaker was still in the department vehicle, the statement added. According to authorities, the three workers contacted an ambulance, which arrived at the scene at 8:55 p.m. and left with Nichols inside at 9:08 p.m., or 27 minutes later.

Sweat recently told city council members that “they were reacting to what they saw, what they were told at the scene.” They did not perform up to the standards we demand or that Memphis’s residents deserve.

All three of the former firefighters have appealed their firings.

In total, 13 police officers have been disciplined or are being looked into for their roles in the beating death of Nichols. Six people were sacked, including the five people who are now being charged with murder for allegedly beating the victim to death. Additionally suspended were two Shelby County sheriff’s officers.

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