U-haul Driver Blames Invisible Thing For Murderous Rampage

U-haul Driver Blames “Invisible Thing” For Murderous Rampage- Police said Tuesday that a man who drove a U-Haul truck into New York City on Monday was suffering from a mental health crisis and started killing people after seeing an “invisible thing” approaching.

Weng Sor, 62, was charged with murder and attempted murder Tuesday for the 48-minute Bay Ridge attack. After miles, police pinned the truck against a building.

The U-Haul truck went onto sidewalks and hit bikers, moped riders, and a pedestrian in a roundabout route, killing one and injuring eight. The car hit a police cruiser, injuring one officer.

U-haul Driver Blames Invisible Thing For Murderous Rampage
U-haul Driver Blames Invisible Thing For Murderous Rampage

The extent of the destruction raised questions about the NYPD’s response and if the pursuit—which at one point saw a police car driving after the U-Haul up onto the sidewalk as a man dived to safety—put additional people in danger. Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters Tuesday that Sor, a violent and mentally ill man, told police that an “invisible object” set him off.

Essig reported that Sor’s family had stopped his medicine. When driving his van, he sees an “invisible object” approach. “He shouts, ‘I’ve had enough,’ and he goes on his rampage,” Essig added. “Nothing.”

Sor, who lived in Las Vegas with his mother, arrived in New York last week from Florida and was stopped over twice in the U-Haul before the attack, officials said. He left a police station and was scheduled to be arraigned late Tuesday or Wednesday. No lawyer represented him in court.

Police claimed the U-Haul hit three mopeds, three bicycles, one e-bike, and one pedestrian in a popular Brooklyn neighborhood north of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge along New York Harbor. 30–66-year-olds were victims. A half-hour after the vehicle hit the first victim, a 44-year-old scooter rider died from head injuries.

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Mayor Eric Adams claimed the unnamed guy was a single father “raising those children on his own.” After dropping his 7-year-old daughter off at school, delivery worker Mohammed Zakaria Salah Rakchi, 36, was attacked. He was in a medically induced coma Tuesday after breaking ribs and other bones.

Derek Sells, Rakchi’s family lawyer, wondered if police pursuit “was a triggering event for this motorist and what would have driven him to do the things that he did.”

The NYPD stops chasing automobiles when the dangers to police and the public “outweigh the danger to the community.” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Tuesday the department is considering its reaction. The NYPD later shared body camera footage of officers evacuating a street full of elementary school children near the U-Haul.

On Feb. 1, Sor pre-rented a 30-day U-Haul truck in West Palm Beach, Florida. Essig said he stayed until Feb. 4, when he drove north to Brooklyn, where his son and ex-wife live.

Sor was arrested in South Carolina for careless driving and marijuana possession on February 5. The next day, he surprised his son by showing up at his home in Brooklyn at night.

Stephen Sor, 30, said his father suffered from mental illness. He was sentenced to many violent crimes, including stabbing his sibling. “Very regularly, he’ll choose to skip out on his pills and do something like this,” Stephen Sor said in an interview outside his Brooklyn home. “He’s been arrested before. He’s been jailed before.”

Essig said police stopped Sor for speeding in the U-Haul on a Brooklyn roadway where trucks and commercial vehicles are prohibited on Feb. 8. Essig said he was seen in New Jersey on Sunday before the Brooklyn mayhem.

A police vehicle cut off the meandering route and blocked the truck against a structure near the entrance to a Brooklyn-Manhattan tunnel on Monday, more than 3 miles (5 kilometers) from where the chase began.

Essig said police, “You should have shot me,” after Sor was stopped.

Sor’s criminal record includes 2002 DUI, evasion, and violence charges.

Weng Sor stabbed his brother in Las Vegas in 2015. He was sentenced to 364 days in county jail in 2020 for stabbing someone in the arm and chest with a knife. Court documents reveal that Sor was evaluated at state psychiatric facilities for several months before pleading guilty. Sor was medicated but not diagnosed.

In 2005, he was sentenced to counseling and community service for misdemeanor violence in Nevada. The judge ordered Sor to have a mental health evaluation in New York since he moved there.

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