Trump Discussed Very Classified Secret Documents On Tape

The former president is heard on the video leafing through some papers and saying, “This is highly confidential.”

Although CBS, the BBC’s US partner, also has the clip, CNN claimed to have first obtained it.

Trump has entered a not-guilty plea to federal accusations of improper private information management.

The two-minute audio, which CNN claimed was taken during a July 2021 meeting between Mr. Trump and several persons working on the memoir of his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was initially made public by CNN.

“These are the papers,” Mr. Trump is heard saying about a document regarding Iran that he describes as “highly confidential.”

“This was done by the military and given to me,” he claims. “See, I could have declassified that as president. Now I can’t, but this is still a secret.”

It appears to be the identical audio tape federal prosecutors used to support Mr. Trump’s indictment.

However, it is unclear from the indictment if detectives found the records mentioned in the audio.

The former president allegedly showed secret documents to two individuals who lacked security clearance, including a writer and two staff employees.

Mr. Trump is accused of illegally holding onto sensitive materials and thwarting government efforts to recover them on 37 counts.

Look into the below tweet:

He has a history of denying wrongdoing.

He claims that every document he removed from the White House was declassified, but the audio recording that has been made public appears to contradict this.

The former president refuted claims that he disclosed confidential papers to those not authorized to see them at the Bedminster meeting in an interview with Fox News last week.

“No document was present. The number of papers and other media outlets discussing Iran and other topics was staggering, Mr. Trump said, adding that he was giving “newspaper stories, magazine stories, and articles.”

However, the recording shows that Mr. Trump was referring to particular files.

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He was charged with an assistant named Walt Nauta, who is scheduled to enter a not-guilty plea in court on Tuesday.

The former president’s trial is set to begin on August 14, but that date may be postponed. The court has not yet decided on a motion by the prosecution to delay it until December 11th.

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