European fashion weeks have come to an end leaving us with endless outfit inspiration and a sneak peek of what trends are to come for autumn/winter. From sheer skirts to power suits, plaid, vinyl and even a touch of matrix, autumn/winter 2018 trends are looking fantastic. So grab your striped pants, put some socks on with your heals, and prepare to be scribbling political messages on your handbag. To see what we mean, check out  top fashion trends from European fashion weeks AW18.

Pastel Powersuits

Ladies welcome back to world of power dressing, and can we just, say it is about time. These pastel power suits are Jackie O-La-La and oh so fitting of the current fashion climate. Pants suits make a statement, there is no denying that and you should never be afraid to rock one. perfect combination of strong and sexy, these pretty pastel power suits prove that feminity and sexuality do not always need to be expressed through tight skirts, crop tops and plunging necklines.

For a traditional look, rock a power suit with a frilly Victorian top, shirt. If you want to be a little more modern wear a matching blazer and trouser combination with a casual tee, bralette or minus undergarment entirely. Powder blue, baby pink and lavender are hero colours of the season.

Pastel Power Suits

 Vinyl Pants

According to European fashion week elites, glossy vinyl trousers are big news for autumn or winter. In fact, there has been an influx of vinyl and PVC clothing, but these patent pants are perhaps easiest to wear.


In place of jeans, these pants elevate any look from standard to street style level. Equal parts chic and cool, vinyl pants will release your inner fierceness and make you feel wonderful. You can also wear these with fur coats, mohair cardigans, knitwear, or puffy bombers with sneakers/ tennis shoes. Or throw on a pair with your favourite band tee, upset denim jacket and biker boots.

Vinyl Pants

White Ankle Boots

White ankle boots have surprisingly come straight out of the seventies to be one of most significant trends for autumn or winter 18. Spotted gracing the feet of nearly every fashion blogger, editor, model, designer and celeb to grace streets of Paris, London, Milan and even New York fashion weeks.

From preppy to punky, rocker to country, stark white ankle boots are just as versatile, but a little more fun than their black counterparts. Throw on a pair with plaid or pastel pencil skirt  and coloured shirt or knit for a cute preppy look. Or for something a little edgier, rock them with a set of overalls and a slogan tee. They also work well with long dresses in striped or floral patterns or plain colours, or with jeans, tees and denim/leather jackets. Put them on with a little black dress or a skirt and crop for a night out with the girls, or with a formal dress for a laid-back street style look. Essentially, you can also wear your white boots with anything.

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Plaid Raincoats

Plaid is an autumn or winter staple print and it will be forever seen in various ways through fashion weeks, from skirts to pants, scarves and raincoats. This print has openly stood test of time.

From classic grey to lumberjack red and even fluorescent yellow, these plaid raincoats could arguably be most inventive still practical use of the print still. Rock your coat over a pencil skirt with tights and boots, or upset jeans and a baggy jumper. Clash colours or pick up one of stripes and match colour to your undergarments or accessories. These cosy coats work over your athleisure looks, with socks and heels or with vinyl pants.

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 Matrix Coats

Speaking of raincoats reloaded, these leather and vinyl Matrix coats are equally as revolutionary their plaid partners. Ditch your classic raincoat this year for one of these badass substitute.

Keeping you just as warm and dry as any raincoat, these Matrix inspired trenches will provide a touch of high fashion to your look.Switch out white for a black roll neck and go for a bold red coat with white, red printed ankle boots. You can  wear these jackets over blue jeans with plain white or slogan tees, or over dresses and skirts. If you are truly daring, rock your vinyl coat and vinyl pants.

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