To Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan Now Has Her Own Baby

Her first child has been born, according to Lindsay Lohan.

According to a statement given to The Associated Press on Monday, the “Parent Trap” actress and her husband, investor Bader Shammas, are the parents of a “beautiful, healthy son” by the name of Luai.

The statement read, “The family is over the moon in love.”

According to Page Six, Lohan, 37, delivered birth in Dubai, where the pair resides. The precise date of her son’s birth was not disclosed.

The name Luai is Arabic for “shield” or “protector.” In a snapshot of a white onesie with the words “coming soon” that was uploaded to Instagram in March, Lohan revealed that she was expecting.

She has spent several years living abroad and has been wed to Shammas since last year.

While Lohan used to be a staple of the tabloids, she now has a lower public presence. She just made a comeback to acting, appearing in Netflix’s “Falling for Christmas” from last year and the upcoming romantic comedy “Irish Wish” from the same platform.

In a June interview with Allure, Lohan expressed her excitement about having a child and spoke candidly about juggling her professional and personal lives.

I’m eager to experience the emotions and the simple joys of being a mom, she said. “It’s overwhelming, but in a good way.”

Lohan asked her “Freaky Friday” co-star for advice.

“You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine,” Jamie Lee Curtis told me when I recently spoke with her, she added.

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Dina Lohan, Lohan’s mother, recently revealed to People magazine that her daughter has always desired to have children.

I’m one of four children, so my mother and I both love kids, so Lindsay has always enjoyed kids, she said. She has always wanted children because we have a large family. She is also quite maternal.

Shammas is “so sweet and they’re just so happy,” according to Dina. Simply put, they are eager and joyful.

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