A Day In The Spotlight: Discovering The Secrets Of The Summer Solstice 21 June 2023

In the earth’s northern hemisphere, where summer is in the middle of the year as opposed to the southern hemisphere, when summer is in December, June 21 is the day of the summer solstice every year.

The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer or midsummer when one of Earth’s poles is on the most excellent tilt towards the sun after half a year of arctic winter.

The year’s longest day and shortest night are both on June 21. After this day, the days gradually and steadily get shorter.

But why is the shortest day of the year the summer solstice?

The Earth’s pole is tilting by 23.5 degrees more than it usually does as a result. The Earth’s tilt causes its surface to receive more direct sunlight.

The Sun crosses the Tropic of Cancer on the day of the solstice, stopping momentarily before turning around and going southward again.

It will occur this year on June 21 at 3:58 PM BST in the UK, 10:58 AM ET / 7:58 AM PT in the US, and 8:27 PM in India.

Many cultures lavishly celebrate it.

The Summer Solstice is observed in the following five nations.


People congregate at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise because the placement of the stones at that time makes for a spectacular spectacle.


The Summer Solstice is referred to as Midsommar in Sweden. To celebrate and welcome summer, people huddle around maypoles that they have decorated with flowers.


Since Iceland enjoys 24 hours of daylight each day, the event is known as the Midnight Sun celebration and features, among other things, bonfires and displays that stay all night.

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The celebration, or White Night in Russia, is a grand occasion. Fireworks displays, musical performances, and a Scarlet Sails event are on display, which sees enormous ships cruise across the Neva River with bright red sails.


The festival is known as Slinningsblet in Norway, where bonfires commemorate John the Baptist’s birth. According to legend, these fires purge the air of evil spirits.

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