A Texas Man Has Been Found Guilty Of Capital Murder In The Shooting Deaths Of Three Teens By The Man Son

The Shooting Deaths Of Three Teens By The Man’s Son – In the shooting deaths of three teenagers by the father’s son, who was just 14 years old at the time, a Texas man has been convicted of capital murder.

Richard Acosta, 34, was convicted of capital murder on Friday by a Dallas jury for the 2021 shooting deaths of Xavier Gonzalez, 14, Ivan Noyala, 16, and Rafael Garcia, 17. A 15-year-old newly hired cook was harmed in the incident but is now on the mend.

His son, Abel Acosta, told him to get in his car and go because someone was firing, but Acosta said he had no idea the child had a gun or had shot anyone.
Abel Acosta disappeared soon after the event, and investigators believe he is still missing, armed, and dangerous.

According to the prosecution, Richard Acosta allegedly attempted to move his family away from Garland while also trying to get rid of the evidence.

Richard Acosta reported that his son disappeared later that evening. Richard Acosta turned himself in to police days after the shooting and was charged almost a year ago.
Investigators will keep looking, as “we are just halfway to justice,” the Garland Police Department said in a statement shared on social media. We guarantee that we won’t give up until Abel Acosta is caught.

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Richard Acosta stated in his testimony that he does not know where his son is.

According to a Texas law that allows for the prosecution of accomplices even though they did not commit the act, Acosta was found guilty. Acosta will therefore receive a life without parole sentence even though the prosecution does not ask for the death penalty.

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