Texas Roasting: Third Week Of Heatwave Sets New Highs And Challenges

By the World Desk for India Today: A third week of a record-breaking heat wave is in Texas. Tens of thousands lack electricity and air conditioning throughout the wider US South due to triple-digit heat.

A heat advisory is in effect for more than 40 million people in the US.

Texas cities have seen previously unheard-of heat indices combining temperature and humidity in places like Corpus Christi.

Other states dealing with the oppressive heat include New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures would rise and last through the week of July 4.

Texas Roasting: Third Week Of Heatwave Sets New Highs And Challenges

The heatwave has arrived after a weekend of catastrophic storms that left hundreds of people without power. Due to atmospherically trapped hot ocean air, the so-called “heat dome” has formed over sections of the US southwest, including Mexico.

The intense, widespread, and protracted occurrence has been described as exceedingly distressing for locals by Andrew Pershing, director of climate research at Climate Central. He added that these situations are now more than five times more likely due to human-caused climate change.

In Texas, June is supposed to be a hot month; below, you can check the tweet by Jeff Berardelli:

Texas’ power utility asked residents to conserve energy by using less air conditioning earlier this week to reduce strain on the grid.

Due to the heat and power disruptions, emergency services in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area have fielded many calls.

According to a news story, in Jackson, Mississippi, residents have gone nearly 100 hours without power and air conditioning.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 702 people die in the US each year from heat-related causes.

How you can protect from Extreme Heat, CDC shared the latest tweet:

69 Oregon residents perished from the heat in 2021, which a heat dome is blamed for. To hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the heatwave, an Oregon county launched a lawsuit against them, according to The Guardian.

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