Sea Lion Breaks Free From Central Park Zoo During NYC Flooding

A sea lion in Central Park got to explore life outside of her typical home on Friday. Sally, a sea lion at the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan’s heart, spotted a way out of her enclosure amid flash floods produced by severe downpours. She swam around to visit a new region of the famed attraction.

According to Jim Breheny, executive vice president of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoos and Aquarium, zoo personnel “monitored” Sally during her exploration. She was observed splashing around outside before joining two sea lions in their pool.

No staff or visitors were in danger, and the sea lion remained inside the zoo, never breaching the zoo’s secondary perimeter, Karen Dugan, who works at the Arsenal, NYC Parks’ headquarters, and the Central Park Zoo.

When we got to the Arsenal, everything was pretty flooded, I recall looking at Sally from afar with her coworkers. We watched it explore around the enclosure and then go back in. The Bronx Zoo, Queens Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, and New York Aquarium are all part of the world’s largest network of urban animal parks.

Sea Lion Breaks Free From Central Park Zoo During NYC Flooding

The flood levels began to ebb by 3 p.m. local time, and all of the animals were safe and accounted for. However, word of Sally’s journey spread fast on social media, leading officials to reiterate that everything was under control.

The videos you’re watching are from earlier today! The flooding at @centralparkzoo has subsided for several hours! On Friday, Monica Medina, president and CEO of The Wildlife Conservation Society.

“No people or animals were at risk during the flooding. The sea lions are safe and back in their enclosure and we will monitor them all night. @JimBreheny and our team are on top of the situation,” she continued.

Breheny also expressed gratitude to the New York Police Department’s Central Park division for correcting misleading & inaccurate” footage spreading of escaped zoo animals.

“After briefly exploring the flooded plaza inside the zoo, sea lion Sally returned to the enclosure, the flood waters receded & all is well @centralparkzoo w/ our sea lions all safely content in their exhibit” Jim Breheny added.

Due to the severe flooding on Friday, Mayor Eric Adams announced a state of emergency in New York. During the inclement weather, he asked locals to seek refuge in place.

One of the city’s wettest days in decades, with subway and rail lines affected, drivers stranded on streets, and basements inundated. Rain is forecast to return Saturday morning.

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