Scary New Earthquake In Turkey Crushes People Under Debris

Scary New Earthquake In Turkey Crushes People Under Debris– A 6.4 magnitude earthquake ravaged both countries on February 6 occurred close to Antakya, Turkey, near the Syrian border.

In Turkey and Syria, the preceding earthquakes left 44,000 people dead and tens of thousands displaced.

On Monday, tremor-weakened buildings toppled in both nations.

According to Turkey’s disaster and emergency ministry, the 6.4 earthquake struck at a depth of 10 km at 20:04 local time (17:04 GMT) (6.2 miles).

Three minutes later, a 5.8 aftershock occurred, and then 31 less powerful aftershocks followed. Dr. Fahrettin Koca, the health minister, reported 294 injuries, 18 of them severe.

Scary New Earthquake In Turkey Crushes People Under Debris
Scary New Earthquake In Turkey Crushes People Under Debris

Since the earthquake occurred in a region primarily deserted after the quake was severely damaged on February 6, the death toll is believed to be comparatively low this time.

As paramedics and rescue teams worked to get to the worst-affected neighbourhoods, where the walls of severely damaged buildings had collapsed, reports from the city of Antakya described terror and panic in the streets.

Muna al-Omar, a local, sobbed while holding her seven-year-old kid and told Reuters news agency, “I thought the earth was going to break up under my feet. She was in a tent in a city centre park when the recent earthquakes occurred.
When the most recent earthquakes struck, 18-year-old Ali Mazlum told the AFP news agency that he was searching for the remains of family members from the earlier quakes.

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You’re not sure what to do, so we held each other, and the walls began to collapse in front of us, he added. The most recent earthquake compelled people in Adana to go to a volleyball court that had been transformed into a rescue facility after the previous one.

According to the police, up to 600 people may have arrived over night in search of a robust ground-floor structure to seek refuge in.

Many were said to have fled their homes when the earthquake hit, demonstrating that there is still a great deal of anxiety two weeks after the initial calamity.

Following the quakes on Monday, which were also allegedly felt in Egypt and Lebanon, it is believed that 470 injured persons attended hospitals in Syria.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged $100 million (£83 million) in humanitarian aid during a visit to Turkey on Monday. He added that the US would support the earthquake recovery effort “for as long as it takes.”

Following the initial earthquake, it is one of many nations that have contributed assistance.

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