Residents revolt over Facebook group ‘sale’

Residents revolt over Facebook group 'sale'

Members of a London community Facebook group are furious after the rights to run it were sold on to another party not from the area.

Group members then became angry at claims that the new management wanted them to pay to advance their local businesses to each other.

Facebook doesn’t specifically state that “admins” can’t sell their rights but the role is usually optional.

Local groups exist for company to share news and events.

The category for Facebook members living in North-fields, west London, had more than 25,000 members.

100 have left, and many of those remaining are taking on executive roles themselves in order to regain the group.

They have renamed it “North-fields People Please Leave This Group” and are telling members to join an different page.

Kathryn Coles habitual the north-fields Friends group in 2011 but was no longer running it at the time of the sale.

”lot’s of people are really angry – on a number of levels,” she said.

“People say London does not have brotherhood but it does. A lot of people have real tenderness for the group.”

Other group members have told the BBC that gloom posts about the state are being deleted.

“They are going to end up with a group that no one belongs to,” said Ms Coles.

in an interview with the local news today , former director Keith Collins said that he and his fellow director – using only his first name, Steve – had taken the decision to sell after lessen to do so several times.

“After sensible  long and hard we both were wanted to relinquish admin responsibly as we no longer work or live in the place, and wanted to hand over the group [to someone] who had incident of running groups and was obviously level-headed,” he said.

“At the end of the day it is a social media group. The real maker relinquished the group to others many years ago.”

He told the declaration  there was “a lot of idea and untrue rumors” about what had happened concerning the takeover.


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