Protesting Jordan Neely Killing, Police Hunt Subway Track Trespassers

Police are looking for a few people who jumped into the subway rails and interfered with service over the weekend to protest Jordan Neely’s death.

The Marine at the center of this dispute hasn’t been detained or put on trial.

The Q train station, close to Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street, is where authorities said the demonstrators got on the rails.

For attacking police officers during the subway death protests, three persons were detained on Saturday. According to authorities, a 25-year-old woman blocked an incoming Q train, refused to get off the tracks, then knocked a police officer to the ground as she resisted arrest. A 42-year-old woman allegedly punched a police officer. A 29-year-old man is accused of repeatedly slamming an NYPD inspector’s arm with a station exit gate.

The NYPD still seeks six additional people who leaped onto the subway rails.

A grand jury will decide whether to file criminal charges against the Marine, Daniel Penny, 24, for placing Neely in the chokehold that caused his death on a subway train.

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Did Neely threaten the other passengers’ safety, and did Penny use excessive force when he allegedly held Neely in that chokehold for almost 15 minutes?

Penny subdued Neely after train passengers complained that he was threatening and harassing them while begging for food.

“The person who committed the act must eventually go on record and declare, ‘I was in danger for my life, and I just tried to terminate the situation as best I could.’ They are significant. According to Robert Boyce, a former NYPD chief of detectives, the witnesses’ testimony will be crucial.

Neely has had 44 prior arrests for assaults, attempted kidnapping, drug use, and indecent exposure. According to officials, he was treated for at least 43 “aided cases,” in which mental health professionals brought him in.
He was being looked into for shoving someone onto the lines the day before he passed away. Neely was currently the subject of an arrest warrant for the brutal assault on an elderly woman.

“Last time I looked, the punishment for ranting was not death, although I heard that he was yelling and ranting. According to Lance Clarke, one of Neely’s friends, he pleaded, “I’m hungry, people help me,” while visibly in pain and unable to speak.

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Friends recalled a street performer who impersonated Michael Jackson as protesters wailed over the weekend. Neely’s acquaintances also claim that this man needs qualified psychiatric assistance.

The last time I saw him, I was apprehensive about him. Moses Harper said, “He said, ‘I’m going to get it together, trust me.'” According to reports, Neely was among the top 50 homeless individuals needing care on an unofficial city list.

According to a statement made by Penny’s lawyer, Neely had made aggressive threats towards Penny, prompting her and other metro passengers to defend themselves before police arrived. The lawyer added that Penny was unable to predict Neely’s passing.

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