Precision Neuroscience Competes Elon Musk-backed Neurolink: Achieves Brain-computer Interface Technology Milestone

The first conscious human to have the electrode array from Precision Neuroscience’s neural implant device implanted on their brain occurred in West Virginia.

Precision claims that the process produced the highest-resolution image of human cognition, a real-time, high-resolution depiction of the patient’s brain activity.

The experience, according to Precision’s president and chief product officer Craig Mermel, was “extremely surreal.” “I got chills because of the nature of the data and our capacity to visualize that,” the speaker said.

To enable patients with paralysis to use digital gadgets, Precision Neuroscience, a business rival to Elon Musk-backed Neuralink, was established in 2021.

A thin electrode array developed by the business, the Layer 7 Cortical Interface, can adapt to the brain’s surface without inflicting tissue harm.

Three patients with neurosurgery to remove tumors had Precision’s device temporarily implanted in their brains.

Two participants were awake during the 15-minute experiment, so the Precision system could record their brain activity as they spoke.

Precision hopes to minimize the patient’s trauma by inserting the array through a tiny hole in the skull.

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Precision seeks to avoid the approach used by rival brain-computer interface companies Paradromics and Neuralink since it poses a danger of tissue injury. These devices are intended to be injected directly into the brain tissue.

Precision intends to treat two more individuals in the upcoming weeks as part of its pilot project.

By the end of next year, Precision hopes to have received complete FDA approval for its first-generation gadget.

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