Police Launch Intensive Search For Suspect In Shooting Of Two Hermann Officers

Police Launch Intensive Search For Suspect In Shooting Of Two Hermann Officers- Hermann police Detective Sgt. Mason Griffith died at a hospital after being shot at Casey’s convenience store just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday. Griffith died early Monday, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Adam Sullentrup, the second Hermann officer wounded, had surgery and is hospitalized in serious condition, the patrol said. Sullentrup is 31.

The patrol issued a “Blue Alert, ” identifying the suspect as Eureka’s Kenneth Lee Simpson, 35. When an officer dies or is critically injured, an alert is sent.

Casey’s convenience store at 115 South Highway 19 shot the Hermann cops. Officials have not revealed what caused the incident or if officers fired back.

Searchers have focused on a two-story residence on Market Street in Hermann, a few doors from the store where the shooting occurred, roughly three hours later. Two women stepped out with their hands up and hopped into a squad car, telling authorities someone was still in the home. To see between two houses, officers used flashlights.

Police Launch Intensive Search For Suspect In Shooting Of Two Hermann Officers

10 hours later, a tactical unit was outside the home. Monday morning, they placed a robot on the front doorstep. A robot removed the screen door. Then police flew a drone through the front door.

Marlon Walker, the Hermann police chief, refused to speak to reporters late Monday morning. He urged the Missouri Highway Patrol to investigate and talk to the media, but Lt. Eric Brown claimed he had no specifics on the search and didn’t know if Simpson was dead inside the property.

Neighbors heard flash bangs and police on a bullhorn calling the gunman out overnight. They didn’t. Another crew was relieved by a St. Charles tactical and explosives unit.

Robert Koerber, mayor when the city’s Board of Aldermen recruited Griffith seven years ago, stated, “He was one of my favorite officers because he had such an easy and successful manner.”

” He was friendly and interested in your issue, “He said.

Griffith was Rosebud, Missouri’s police chief, for years.

According to Koerber, Hermann has had problems employing eight cops due to low pay. “Very infrequent” violent crime occurs in Hermann. Koerber, who came to Columbia, Mo., two years ago, said, “There’s been one homicide in like the last 20 years, 30 years.” “ц They delight in that, and the people support their cops.”

Simpson and his girlfriend may have stayed Sunday at a Hermann hotel on East 10th Street, where police searched earlier.
Drug and Crime Control of the Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating.
Simpson is a 5-foot-10, 180-pound white man, according to police. He had red hair and hazel eyes and wore a black baseball cap, long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and tan boots.

Simpson has narcotics, weapons, assault, and property damage charges in Missouri, according to online court records. Simpson was arrested in August after failing to appear for a marijuana possession prosecution.

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Although he was free, a Warren County firearms case dragged on. Simpson was charged with criminal possession of a firearm and two counts of unlawful possession, transport, manufacture, repair, or sale of an illegal weapon on Sept. 13, 2017.

According to a docket filing, COVID-19 restrictions prevented his 2020 trial. He was arrested after missing a September court appearance. According to court filings, the matter was pulled off the trial docket a month later until the warrants were served.
Bruce Cox, the mayor, was in Kansas City and declined to comment on the officers.

After Sunday night’s gunshot, at least one patient was taken by ambulance.

Because authorities weren’t sure where he was going, numerous counties were alerted. Officers were unsure if Simpson bolted from the convenience store or drove away in a 2014 black Jeep Wrangler with Missouri license plate RF5A0P.

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