Philadelphia Commuters Hope For Temporary Lanes A Week After I-95 Partially Collapsed

Six temporary lanes are anticipated to open on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia within two weeks, resuming traffic at Cottman Avenue.

It has been a full week since a tanker truck carrying explosive cargo caught fire and partially destroyed the highway.

Since then, crews have been repairing the damaged highway around-the-clock.

The two-week deadline is accepted by some people and rejected by others.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” stated William Jones of Philadelphia’s Holmesburg district.

Since I-95’s partial collapse only happened last week, crews have made good progress.

“I believe they can accomplish it, yet, the temporary repair worries me. Can it support all that weight?” wondered Germantown resident Gwen Barfield.

The work that was being done on Sunday, which involved leveling out the makeshift middle lanes, was photographed by Drone 6.

“I’m cautiously optimistic but also pessimistic. Maeve Sears of Fairmount said, “I hope it’s two weeks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s longer. Nevertheless, I’m delighted they’re giving fixing it a priority.

Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania, accompanied President Joe Biden on a Saturday airborne tour of I-95’s partial collapse.

Shapiro gave the unionized tradespeople credit for the noteworthy advancement.

Despite the efforts, commuters will still need to alter their regular routes for some time.

“I don’t want to be in any congested traffic. I try to take 76 as often as possible, or I take the side streets,” Camden, New Jersey resident Khalid Franklin said.

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