Just This Evening, The Police Department Confirmed That Officer Julian Becerra Had Passed Away

That Officer Julian Becerra Had Passed Away- After falling off a bridge in Colorado Springs last week, Julian Becerra, a Fountain police officer and former Air Force member, passed away from his injuries today.

In a recent update, Fountain Police stated:

K-9 Officer Julian Becerra, who was injured while doing his job duties on February 2, 2023, has passed away, the Fountain Police Department has announced with great grief. We value the public’s outpouring of support for Officer Becerra, his family, and the Fountain Police Department over the past week.

The family is asking for privacy as they work through the challenging process of preparing for Julian’s ultimate rest because this is an ongoing process. For the time being, the family has decided not to issue any press releases.

That Officer Julian Becerra Had Passed Away
That Officer Julian Becerra Had Passed Away

If there are any new developments, the public information officer with the Fountain Police Department will let you know.

It means a lot to us that you respect the Becerra family’s desires as well as our own.

Saturday, February 11, 2023, at 7:14 p.m., Officer Julian Becerra will end his watch.

The K-9 unit for the department included Officer Becerra. During his pursuit of a carjacking suspect last week, he fell 40 feet from a bridge in Colorado Springs. His family has chosen to withhold a comment from the public at this time. There are currently no known details on officer Becerra’s funeral.

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