Obamas Slam My Heart Breaks US Court Reservation Decision

Obamas Slam My Heart Breaks Us Court Reservation Decision- According to former President Obama, affirmative action measures have “allowed generations of students,” including him and his wife Michelle, to “prove we belonged.” He strongly objected to the US Supreme Court’s decision to outlaw the use of race and ethnicity in university admissions.
According to Mr. Obama, these regulations are necessary to guarantee that all pupils, regardless of color or ethnicity, have the chance to achieve.

“The quest for a more just society never found affirmative action a perfect solution. But it offered us the chance to prove that we more than deserved a seat at the table for generations of kids who had been routinely shut out of most of America’s key institutions,” Mr. Obama wrote on social media.

It’s time to step up our efforts in light of the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling, he added.

The admissions policies of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina were found to violate the equal protection clause of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment in the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court overturned the program on a 6-3 vote, a result that was applauded by Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, and denounced by Democrats.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said in a separate statement, “My heart breaks for any young child out there who’s wondering what their future holds – and what sorts of chances will be open to them.

“And while I know the strength and grit that lies inside kids who have always had to sweat a little more to climb the same ladders, I hope, and I pray that the rest of us are willing to sweat a little, too,” she continued. “Today is a reminder that we have to put in the work to truly make those values real in all of our schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods, not just to enact policies that reflect those values,”

According to Donald Trump, overturning the regulation will allow the US to “compete with the rest of the world.” “This is the decision on which everyone had been waiting and praying, and the outcome was incredible. He added on his Truth Social platform, “It will also keep us competitive with the rest of the globe.

“We must treasure our best minds, which is what this glorious day has brought. All decisions will now be made based on merit, as it should be.

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