Air Quality Alert: NYC Experiences Poor Conditions As Smoke Blankets City From Canadian Wildfires

On Friday, New York City’s air quality rose to “unhealthy” due to smoke from Canadian wildfires. For most of the day, the city had the second-worst air quality in the world.

This month’s second hazardous smoke occurrence in the city is caused by more than 300 wildfires in Canada. The authorities have issued a health warning through Friday night.

The concentration of smoke produces not only eerie haze but also harmful respiratory conditions.

The Air Quality Index, or AQI, reached more than 160 on Friday. Officials advise against exercising outdoors and take preventative measures like staying indoors with closed windows and donning a mask for young people, the elderly, and those with underlying medical concerns. Everyone is recommended to avoid intense outdoor activity when the AQI is above 150.

Air Quality Alert: NYC Experiences Poor Conditions As Smoke Blankets City From Canadian Wildfires
Air Quality Alert: NYC Experiences Poor Conditions As Smoke Blankets City From Canadian Wildfires

Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, smoke from the Midwest drifted closer to the Earth, quickly worsening the smoke situation by Friday morning.

The levels did not, however, rise to the city’s earlier in the month, when it hit nearly 400 AQI and the sky turned orange, record-breaking levels.

Looking ahead to the long weekend, meteorologists predict that the smoke from Canadian wildfires will lessen over the following days.

According to David Stark, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, the air quality conditions may improve gradually starting tomorrow, with anticipated rain showers on Sunday that may help.

The following few days’ heat in the US Southwest:

We should be in a better position this weekend, according to Stark, as the current concentrations we are witnessing are likely to decrease. “Can’t say for sure that the haziness is going to go away completely, but at least the stuff that’s lower in the ground creating the air quality looks like it’ll start to improve.”

During a radio interview on 1010 WINS, Mayor Eric Adams was questioned about the likelihood that the July 4th fireworks, which produce additional air pollution, will be canceled.

“We hope that we can get below 150,” Adams said. “If we don’t, we will analyze with OEM and the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Dr. Vasan, to send out the proper warnings as soon as we get them.”

“Usually, we have a 24-hour window when we can guess what will happen. We must deal with smoke, wind, the weather, and how it travels, so it’s complicated.

The smoke is expected to be at its worst on Friday: On Friday night, around midnight, the air quality will start to get better gradually.

Mayor Eric Adams also shared in a tweet related to air quality:

The air quality will gradually improve through Saturday as the closest to-the-ground smoke has dissipated. The air quality is still expected to be “unhealthy for sensitive groups” now.

With anticipated rain showers that could further rid the air of hazardous particles, Sunday’s air quality is predicted to be significantly cleaner.

However, this does not imply that the air will return to its original state. In the upcoming weeks, New York might experience even more smoke as the flames in Canada continue to burn with little sign of abating.

Governor Kathy Hochul warned citizens on Thursday that the effects of climate change made another smoke disaster quite likely, saying, “This is the new normal for New Yorkers.”

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At numerous sites throughout the city, including Grand Central Station, Penn Station, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, N95-style masks will be given away free of charge.

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