Missing British Actor Julian Sands: Search Resumes After 5 Months

Five months after the British actor Julian Sands vanished while out for a stroll in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles, the search for him has picked back up.

According to a Monday San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department announcement, rescue operations in the Mount Baldy wilderness have resumed.

According to officials, the most recent search was carried out on Saturday by over 80 search and rescue volunteers, deputies, and staff members with the aid of drone operators and two helicopters that conducted aerial searches in remote and otherwise inaccessible places.

Actor Mr. Sands Remains Missing for 5 Months: No News or Updates

The sheriff’s department stated that despite the recent milder weather, several mountainous areas remained inaccessible because of severe alpine conditions. Several places have steep slopes and ravines with over 10 feet of ice and snow.

According to authorities, Sands, 65, was reported missing on the evening of January 13 in the Baldy Bowl region, which contains a well-traveled trail up to Mount San Antonio’s top.

According to the sheriff’s department, crews were forced to call it quits on January 14 after starting a preliminary search because of an avalanche risk and dangerous route conditions.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sands was not found, according to the sheriff’s office.

On Mount Baldy, where Sands vanished, rescue workers discovered 75-year-old hiker Jin Chung on January 24. The sheriff’s office reported that Chung was hospitalized with “weather-related injuries and a leg injury.” However, he could still exit the forest “with some assistance.”

According to officials, volunteers have spent more than 500 hours looking for Sands, while the sheriff’s department has carried out eight ground and air searches since the actor went missing.

“Mr. Sands’ missing person case remains active, and search efforts will continue in a limited capacity,” the sheriff’s office stated.

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Throughout a five-decade career, Sands has dozens of film and television credits. A Room with a View, Leaving Las Vegas, The Killing Fields, Ocean Thirteen, and “24” are a few of them.

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