Mig-23 Jet Crashes At Thunder Over Michigan, Pilots Eject To Safety

After both occupants ejected, a tiny jet crashed at the Thunder Over Michigan air show on Sunday, according to authorities. The two occupants of the aircraft didn’t seem to have suffered any major wounds.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that two passengers parachuted from the MiG-23 fighter jet south of Willow Run Airport and landed in Belleville Lake. According to Van Buren Township supervisor Kevin McNamara, the passengers of the jet were receiving treatment for minor wounds at a nearby hospital.

Urgent Update: Jet Crashes into Van Buren Township Apartment Building during Air Show

Miraculous Escape: Pilot and Passenger Survive Plane Crash in Belleville Parking Lot

According to the Wayne County Airport Authority, the plane crashed into the parking lot of an apartment building in Belleville, impacting empty vehicles.

Before the incident, “the pilot and backseater successfully ejected from the aircraft,” the authority reported. Although it didn’t seem like they had suffered any serious wounds, first responders took the pair to a local hospital out of caution.

Mig-23 Jet Crashes At Thunder Over Michigan

According to McNamara, no one was hurt while on the ground.

On Facebook, Thunder Over Michigan, which was commemorating its 25th year, said that the disaster forced the cancellation of the performance.

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Videos demonstrated smoke and flame rising into the sky. Additionally, several footage appeared to show the pilot and another person jumping out of the aircraft. The reason for the accident and ejections wasn’t immediately obvious.

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