Meta Attacks Twitter With Its Threads App And 10 Millions Sign Up

According to Zuckerberg, within seven hours of its launch, Threads reached the milestone of 10 million signups. Four hours after Meta formally released Threads, he previously claimed that 5 million users had signed up. The story’s headline has been changed to reflect the recent achievement.


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People are registering for Meta’s new Twitter clone, Threads, which launched today.

In the first two hours after becoming life in the App Store, Threads has over two million signups and is still growing. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the accomplishment on his Threads account.

iOS customers who had been made aware of Threads’ existence via a glitzy Instagram cross-promotion were allowed to “pre-order” it. Since Threads and Instagram are closely related, Instagram accounts now show a Threads user number, making the counting transparent and real-time.

When Threads went live on Wednesday afternoon, those who had opted into the pre-launch received a push notification and could immediately launch Meta’s newest app.

There is a huge need for a successor with Twitter on life support and its owner applying rate limits over the weekend. Both Mastodon and Bluesky have experienced periods of popularity, but each software has its drawbacks. This translates to a somewhat scary sign-up process for Mastodon and a general lack of knowledge about diversity.

Early shitposts on Bluesky have been replaced with worries that the platform would make the same moderation errors of its predecessor and those of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who supported Elon Musk’s acquisition and now serves on Bluesky’s board.

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On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tweeted for the first time in more than ten years to celebrate the Twitter ripoff. It is expected to garner much interest as Twitter struggles and other potential replacement apps fail to unite users in one location.

It’s challenging to convince users to sign up for a new app, but it’s much simpler than getting them to stick around. The firm relies on the same algorithmic mix to attract users to the app and keep them there by forgoing a chronological feed with Threads or even a dinner exclusively for users you follow.

Sadly, Threads doesn’t immediately copy Twitter’s best feature: a clean timeline free of algorithmic clutter. These days, disclaimers are attached to every Twitter imitation, which is undoubtedly significant.

Musk then enraged Twitter’s most ardent fans by announcing that TweetDeck access would be restricted:

But Threads is still in its early stages. Although the team has promised some diverse-friendly integration that goes against Meta’s typical walled-garden-stuffed-with-ads attitude, it is unclear whether Threads will provide consumers more control over the material they see.

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