Kim Petras Talks About How Britney Spears Helped Her Learn English As A Young Child

Britney Spears has influenced Kim Petras in many ways beyond just pop music. The German pop artist revealed that viewing videos of the Princess of Pop helped her learn English during an interview on the TODAY show in support of her first album, Feed the Beast, released on Friday (June 23).

In New York City on Friday morning, Petras gave a live performance presenting the new record as a part of the 2023 Citi Concert Series for the venerable NBC morning show.

The “Unholy” singer was questioned by hosts Hoda Kotb and Al Roker while performing about her ascent to fame, including how she watched YouTube videos of English-speaking performers as a child to help her learn the language.

Petras admitted, laughing, “I watched a lot of Britney Spears.”

In 2023, Kim Petras’ album “Feed The Beast” becomes the first female album to surpass 1 billion Spotify streams:

The 30-year-old performer, who earlier this year became the first transgender artist to win a significant Grammy category and was named Billboard’s Chartbreaker for 2023 Women in Music, also revealed how she plans to celebrate the remaining days of Pride Month in the last week of June. Will visit a few clubs, Petras stated. I will probably hang out in bars with my friends and have a blast.

After collaborating with Sam Smith and Nicki Minaj, Petras returned to the TODAY show studios, where she shared her upcoming musical collaborations with the hosts over margaritas. The singer confessed, “I admire Lana Del Rey; I’m a tremendous fan of hers. “I cherish M.I.A. Babyface and have always wanted to collaborate on a song. Diplo, how I adore you.

Then, when discussing her historic Grammy win for best pop duo/group performance with Smith’s “Unholy” duet, Petras expressed her hope that it would be “a step towards just transgender people being generally more accepted into society.”

She continued that it was a tough childhood and educational experience. “I hope it inspires people to believe that anything is possible, regardless of who they identify as or where they come from. You can do anything if you put in a lot of effort, are good at what you do, and are decent to be around.

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She said, “You must follow your passion, even if it scares you. And that’s pop music to me.

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