Kari Lake Appeal Regarding The Governor Race Is Largely Denied By An Arizona Court

Kari Lake Appeal Regarding The Governor Race- The majority of Republican Kari Lake’s appeal challenging her loss in the governor’s election was denied by the Arizona Supreme Court. However, the court reinstated one claim that a lower court had previously rejected.

On Wednesday, the state’s top court ruled that a lower court had incorrectly rejected Lake’s lawsuit contesting the use of signature verification processes on early ballots in Maricopa County. The claim was returned to a trial court for review by the court.

Among the most outspoken 2022 GOP candidates, Lake made former President Donald Trump’s election falsehoods the focal point of her campaign. She fell short of Democrat Katie Hobbs by just over 17,000 votes. Unlike most other election doubters nationwide, Lake refused to concede after losing his race in November. In her petition, the former TV anchor emphasized issues with several polling locations’ ballot printers in Maricopa County, home to more than 60% of the state’s voters.

Kari Lake Appeal Regarding The Governor Race Is Largely Denied By An Arizona Court

The flawed printers created too faint ballots for polling on-site tabulators to read. In several areas, lines were held up due to uncertainty. Lake claimed that deliberate wrongdoing caused the issues with the ballot printer.

While individuals impacted by the printers were transferred to more technologically advanced counters at election headquarters, county officials claimed that everyone could cast a ballot and that all votes were counted.

The Arizona Court of Appeal rejected Lake’s claims in the middle of February, finding that she had not provided any proof that voters whose ballots were not legible to tabulators at the polls could not cast a vote.

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The appeals court said that even a witness called to testify on Lake’s behalf acknowledged that some ballots that couldn’t initially be examined at polling stations might have eventually been counted. The appeals court also ruled that a pollster’s assertion that the issues at the polls had disenfranchised enough voters to alter the election outcome was unfounded.

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Additionally, Lake’s counsel said that at a facility off-site where a contractor scans mail-in ballots to get them ready for processing, the chain of custody for the polls was disrupted. The attorneys said that employees returned their mail-in ballots to the pile rather than replacing them through the proper channels and that there was a lack of paperwork about ballot transfers. The county disputes the assertions.

According to Hobbs’ counsel, Lake attempted to spread doubt about Arizona’s election results and provided no evidence to support her claims.

Lake had a tough time winning her challenge since she had to show that there had been intentional wrongdoing to proclaim the wrong woman the winner.

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