Julie Goodyear A Star Of Coronation Street Has Dementia

Julie Goodyear, an actor best known for portraying Bet Lynch in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, has dementia, according to her husband.

“My darling wife and I have had to adjust to this heartbreaking diagnosis,” Scott Brand said. Unfortunately, Julie has had memory problems for a while.

“We have been seeking medical advice and assistance, but we now know that there is no chance of a turnaround and that her condition will get gradually – and possibly quickly – worse.”

Goodyear, 81, played Bet Lynch, who debuted in 1966 and joined the cast regularly in 1970 for more than 25 years.

She became one of the longest-running stars of the show and a well-known figure in the soap opera industry thanks to her roles as a barmaid and later the landlady of the Rovers Return pub. In 2002 and 2003, she made a brief comeback in the part and appeared in several episodes.

Brand stated that people should have been aware of the diagnosis because it might change how she interacts with her followers. Because Julie still enjoys going out to eat and seeing friends, “we have decided to announce the diagnosis publicly,” he said.

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“Inevitably, she is recognized, and fans love to meet her – and she them – but she can get confused, particularly if she is tired. I hope people will understand.”

Despite Goodyear’s condition, Brand said she plans to continue as a patron for Greater Manchester’s Willow Wood hospice, which cares for patients who require support for life-limiting requirements.

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