JCPS Board Reacts To Transportation Debacle And Class Cancellations

Members of the JCPS Board of Education stated on Thursday that they require immediate information from Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio regarding how things went so wrong.

The district’s new transportation strategy was forced into existence to make up for a lack of bus drivers. However, it appeared that the problem was worse than the remedy when it was introduced on the first day of class.

Linda Duncan of District 5 was the lone board member to reject the proposal when Dr. Pollio presented it.

“I feel bad for our community that we have gone through this,” Duncan said. “I had reservations from the beginning when I even first began discussing what they had done to our bus routes.”

Duncan claimed that she did not see why 750 bus routes should be cut to 600. She wasn’t the only one who believed the board ought to have asked more questions on Thursday.

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”We, moving forward, will have to ask more questions,” Board Chair Diane Porter said, “and ask for more information to ensure that the plan has not just been voted on, but that it has been looked at, written up, and ready to be implemented.”

Porter referred to the transportation problems in a written statement as “unacceptable.”

I know how unnerving and unsettling that must’ve been for even our youngest students and all of our students, and we truly apologize to you,” he said. 

”The board will be asking Dr. Pollio for a full accounting of what happened,” Porter said. “But first we must get our immediate problem corrected.”

Chis Kolb, a board member from District 2, also emphasized the need for increased supervision.

”It’s clear that I did not do enough to ensure that the JCPS administration invested the time and resources to adequately prepare for such momentous change,” Kolb said.

“We put our drivers in an impossible situation. Everyone in JCPS transportation needs to take a long look in the mirror and identify who made mistakes and used poor judgment.”

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