In Canada, A Bus Crash Into A Daycare Results In 2 Children Dying; The Driver Is Charged With Murder

In Canada, A Bus Crash Into A Daycare Results In 2 Children Dying- Authorities said that a city bus struck a daycare centre north of Montreal on Wednesday, killing two kids and injuring six others. After being detained, the motorist was charged with first-degree murder.

In Laval, Quebec, a neighbour reported seeing children sobbing and yelling as well as seeing a woman collapse. As police and emergency cars flooded the area, other alarmed parents were redirected to an elementary school nearby.
Another neighbour reported that the driver exited the bus shortly after the collision, tore off his clothes, and began yelling.

Hamdi Benchaabane remarked, “He was just yelling; there were no words coming out of his mouth. He claimed that the driver “was in another universe.”

In Canada, A Bus Crash Into A Daycare Results In 2 Children Dying
In Canada, A Bus Crash Into A Daycare Results In 2 Children Dying

Nine charges, including first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and assault resulting in bodily harm, are brought against 51-year-old Pierre Ny St-Amand. He will remain in custody and appeared in court late on Wednesday via video from a medical ward.

The crash, according to a top Canadian government official, was not a terrorist attack and did not endanger the country’s security. Due to their lack of authority to speak in public about the situation, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity.
The driver had spent ten years working for Societe de transport de Laval and was a native of Laval. At two different news conferences, police officials and Laval Mayor Stphane Boyer stated that he had no criminal background and a clean job record.
Erika Landry, a spokeswoman for the police, stated that as of right now, “we don’t know the reason for the crime.” She didn’t explain why police had labelled the collision as a homicide. Police are interviewing the driver, according to Laval Police Chief Pierre Brochet.

The inquiry is still ongoing, but according to Laval’s mayor Boyer, there is a possibility that it was a premeditated act.

Both of the dead children were four years old, and were simply given initials in the records.

According to Brochet, six youngsters were hospitalised with non-life-threatening injuries.

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A cul-de-sac leads to the daycare, which is situated at the end of the driveway. The bus stop is on the cul-de-sac, but in order to strike the building, the driver would have had to get off the road and go down a long driveway.

“There were no skidmarks to be seen… He entered the daycare right away, according to Mario Sirois, another eyewitness.

Ginette Lamoureux, a neighbour who entered the daycare immediately after the collision and is Sirois’ wife, claimed the driver was agitated.

She remarked, “His eyes were just exploding out.”

Benchaabane claimed that in order to restrain the driver and get him into the police handcuffs, he and three other parents had to strike him.

Officers at the scene, according to Brochet, were sobbing.

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, stated that his staff was “closely following the issue.”

In Ottawa, lawmakers observed a moment of silence.

St-Amand, who was in a hospital gown and was lying in a bed, was attentive but silent throughout his video appearance while the judge and his attorney sought to encourage him to speak. When asked by Julien Lesprance Hudon, his attorney, if he knew he was appearing in court, the man only sometimes nodded.

On February 17, the case will go back to court.

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