How Two Escaped Prisoners Were Apprehended At IHOP

How Two Escaped Prisoners Were Apprehended At IHOP- The sheriff said that two prisoners in a Virginia prison used crude tools to make a hole in their cell wall and escape. They were subsequently discovered nearby at an IHOP restaurant.

According to a statement from the Newport News Sheriff’s Office, during a routine head count on Monday evening, authorities found the two men, ages 37 and 43, going from their cell at the Newport News jail annex.

According to a preliminary inquiry, the inmates used metal objects and toothbrushes as tools to access rebars between the walls of the facility, which they then utilized to facilitate their escape, the statement stated.

They scaled a containment wall surrounding the jail after fleeing their cell.

The males were hauled into custody once more early on Tuesday at an IHOP in Hampton after other customers called the police. Police had pleaded for the public’s assistance in locating the suspects. It supports our motto, “See something, say something,” said sheriff Gabriel Morgan.

The sheriff’s office stated it is looking into the matter to assist in stopping further escapes.

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One individual, a resident of Hampton, had been detained on suspicion of violating his probation and engaging in contempt of court.

Another person, a Gloucester resident, was being detained on suspicion of grand theft, forgery, credit card fraud, and probation violation.

According to the sheriff, charges regarding the escape are still pending.

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