Harnessing The Equine Strength: Horse Acquisition In Diablo 4

One thing that I anticipated everyone would ask as they progressed through the campaign of Diablo 4 while I went through my review copy a few weeks ago was:

The question “Where the hell is my horse?”

The horse is a key element in Diablo 4, a component that wasn’t present in earlier games but is now present on this new, expansive battlefield. The answer is that you didn’t miss any side missions or anything, but you will have to wait a time before you can acquire your horse.

In Diablo 4, there are six Acts. After the extremely lengthy Act 3, you won’t receive your horse until Act 4 begins.

Act 4 begins with a query referred to as Mount: Doran’s Favor. You will spend a lot of time in Kyovashad and get your horse there via this route.

Harnessing The Equine Strength: Horse Acquisition In Diablo 4
Harnessing The Equine Strength: Horse Acquisition In Diablo 4

The good news is that all other characters on your account will have access to the horse from the beginning after you complete this on one character; you won’t need to do it again for subsequent playthroughs.

In Diablo 4, the horse is a key component of the microtransaction cosmetics market. So much so that I have the impression that it was almost created just for that reason. Although this is where we’re starting, I also think that eventually, you’ll be able to purchase different mounts that aren’t horses.

Not only might you end up with various horses (all of which, in terms of gameplay, perform the same), but you can also purchase accessories for your horse. Some will in fact be earned, such as the Ashava horn that participants received for defeating the World Boss in the beta. Others will undoubtedly be sold.

During my playthrough, the horse was among the things I thought was a little odd. Simply put, it was strange to have to run past groups of adversaries to go from one area to another. Even though the area is large, there are a lot of places where you may travel quickly, so even without additional waypoints, I’m not quite convinced a horse was necessary.

The TP system was also altered, making it more difficult to maintain open positions. However, you obviously cannot use a horse inside dungeons or internal quest locations, so you must still kill everyone and everything there.

Keep an eye on the cosmetics for horses, though; I’ll assume Blizzard anticipates that they’ll be a significant source of income. I’m hoping we can also make a respectable amount on our own.

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