Hackers Breach U.S. Marshals System With Sensitive Personal Data

Hackers Breach U.s. Marshals System With Sensitive Personal Data- This month, hackers hacked into and stole data from a computer system that contained a wealth of personal information regarding investigative targets and agency employees, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service on Monday.

The service, a section of the Justice Department, is in charge of the federal witness protection programme, the transportation of federal inmates, and the protection of judges. A senior law enforcement officer claims that while the witness protection database was not compromised, hackers did discover information about several fugitives wanted by the federal government.

According to Justice Department authorities, the Feb. 17 ransomware-enabled intrusion was “a big issue,” according to Marshals Service spokesperson Drew J. Wade. It was yet another in a string of breaches that have highlighted the government’s difficulties in guarding against ransomware assaults, which have increased in regularity, size, and sophistication in recent years.

Hackers Breach U.s. Marshals System With Sensitive Personal Data

According to Mr. Wade’s email, the compromised system “contains law enforcement sensitive material, including returns from legal process, administrative information, and personally identifiable information about subjects of USMS investigations, third parties, and certain USMS personnel.” After learning of the incident, Marshals Service officials disconnected the system, he claimed.
The Marshals Service officers scramble to reduce the risk posed by the loss of the sensitive personal and investigative information as the department looks into the cause of the incident and assesses the damage.

NBC News first reported on the incident.

While more groups have developed the tools and knowledge to steal data, disrupt crucial infrastructure, and demand money from victims, including corporations and private persons, some government entities have recently been attacked by hackers.

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During the final year of the Trump administration, more than 250 government departments and corporations had their networks penetrated by a highly sophisticated Russian hacking campaign, including the Treasury, State, Commerce, and Energy Departments and portions of the Pentagon.

Over 21.5 million people had their addresses, health and financial histories, and other private information stolen in a wave of government computer attacks in 2015 that had Chinese origins. These individuals had undergone a background check by the government. Also, the hackers stole the fingerprints and personnel information of federal employees.

Many other minor data breaches have targeted federal government-affiliated organisations, including the theft in 2018 and 2019 of tens of thousands of pictures of travellers and licence plates kept by Customs and Border Protection by Chinese government hackers.

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