Gunfire Erupts At Honda Dealership, Arlington Police Identify Shooter!

Abbas Al-Mutairy, 25, was identified as the armed man shot by Arlington Police on Thursday evening following reports of a gunfight at a car dealership.

Officers were dispatched to Vandergriff Honda on the Interstate 20 frontage road between Cooper Street and Matlock Road at 6:30 p.m. Thursday on reports of an armed man firing at the building.

When officers arrived on the scene, they “engaged him” and, based on the suspect’s actions, multiple officers fired their service weapons, striking the suspect. NBC 5 received a cell phone video of Al-Mutairy clutching a gun in the parking lot. A former employee who had recently been sacked strolled into the new car area carrying a long-style rifle.

Gunfire Erupts At Honda Dealership, Arlington Police Identify Shooter!

Arlington Police later confirmed that Al-Mutairy was a recently discharged former employee.

“I heard one of my friends say, ‘Hey, he has a gun.’ I look up and look him right in the face and he has a blank, very calm face. [He] points the gun, it’s a big gun like an AR … he turns and just shoots right at the window,” said employee David Mann. “Soon as he shot the window, of course, we run, hear about 3-4 more shots.”

One of the service advisers carries a gun, tries to defend himself, and then shoots back at him because he was walking toward the service area. I’m on the phone with the cops the entire time.

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When Al-Mutairy left the premises, he was confronted by police officers, according to Mann. According to the employee, the armed man approached officers while still holding the gun and was shot by officers. No employees, customers, or officers were injured, and the gunman was the only person injured. One of my coworkers came running in and said, ‘Hey, there’s a shooting going on.

Dorsey stated that he worked at Vandergriff Honda for over 20 years and that he still has friends there. Dorsey also appreciates divine timing. He stated that he had just gone by Vandergriff Honda on Thursday morning to schedule a servicing appointment for his vehicle.

Al-Mutairy has been charged with two charges of aggravated assault on a public servant and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Depending on the outcome of the criminal investigation, additional charges may be made.

Arlington Police said various investigations are ongoing in connection with the shooting, including a criminal inquiry and an administrative review to determine whether officers followed department policy. Both investigations are common for police officer shootings.

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