Not Guilty By Reason Of Sanity: Green Bay Woman M*rder Trial Outcome

A jury concluded on Thursday that a Green Bay woman wasn’t mentally ill when she ki!!ed and dismembered a former boyfriend and dispersed his body parts around the neighborhood.

The same Brown County jury that took less than an hour to deliberate on Wednesday before finding Taylor Schabusiness, 25, guilty of ki!!ing Shad Thyrion, 24, in February 2022 and of third-degree s@xual abuse and mutilating his body also took less than an hour to deliberate on Thursday.

Thomas Walsh, the Brown County Circuit Judge, scheduled the sentencing for September 26.

The Curious Case of Taylor Schabusiness’ Courtroom Laughter – A Deep Dive into the video:


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Authorities claim that Schabusiness s@xually assaulted Thyrion, strangled him at the Green Bay home he shared with his mother, and then dismembered him, scattering pieces of his body around the house and in a car.

When she was assessed at the Brown County Jail in 2022 and 2023, she looked to have a variety of mental health problems, according to Diane Lytton, a separate psychologist who testified on Thursday for the defense.

The psychologist said that Schabusiness was a “psychotic person,” and that he had thrown a plastic chair at Lytton while being evaluated.

Schabusiness was subject to a civil commitment order in April 2021, according to defense counsel Christopher Froelich, “because she was mentally ill.”

An assistant district attorney for Brown Coun ty, the jury’s focus should be on the defendant’s mental condition at the time of the act rather than the year 2021.

Schabusiness would not have gone to jail but to a mental institution if the jury had determined she was mentally ill.

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Schabusiness was found to be competent to stand trial by Walsh in March.

In a hearing in February, Schabusiness assaulted her former counsel before being taken to the floor of the courtroom by a deputy.

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