Former Ag Of Arizona Accused Of Concealing Evidence Of Legitimate Election Results

Former Ag Of Arizona Accused Of Concealing Evidence Of Legitimate Election Results- According to records made public on Wednesday by his successor, the previous attorney general of Arizona, he has suppressed conclusions reached by his investigators that there was no evidence to support claims that the 2020 election was tainted by widespread fraud.

The documents prove that the 2020 election was “conducted fairly and accurately by election authorities,” according to Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes, who entered office last month.

A March 2022 summary of inquiry results, which disproved the majority of the fraud allegations advanced by associates and supporters of former President Donald Trump, was never made public by the previous attorney general, a Republican named Mark Brnovich. However, he published a “interim report” a month later, claiming that his probe had “found severe vulnerabilities that must be addressed and raises doubts about the 2020 election in Arizona.”

Despite opposition from his investigators, who claimed that some of the report’s assertions were debunked by their inquiry, he released his findings in April. At the time, Brnovich was in the middle of the Republican Party’s primary for the U.S. Senate and was under fire from Trump for what he was allegedly failing to do enough to combat election fraud.

Former Ag Of Arizona Accused Of Concealing Evidence Of Legitimate Election Results
Former Ag Of Arizona Accused Of Concealing Evidence Of Legitimate Election Results

The right-wing conspiracy theories about dead or duplicate voters, pre-marked ballots flown in from Asia, election servers connected to the internet, and even manipulation by satellites controlled by the Italian military were all addressed in a September memo that Brnovich, whose primary campaign was unsuccessful, failed to release.

The September memo stated, “In each instance and each matter, the parties above did not give any proof to back their assertions.” When our agents and support employees looked into the information, they discovered it was erroneous and often speculative.

A comprehensive investigation that became the top priority for the attorney general’s detectives, who spent more than 10,000 hours looking into 638 allegations, is described in the September memo, one of the documents that was among those made public on Wednesday. They started 430 inquiries and forwarded 22 cases to the prosecution. Vice President Joe Biden won Arizona by little over 10,000 votes.
The fraud claims, according to Mayes, were useless.

Mayes stated, “the ten thousand plus hours assiduously invested in researching every conspiracy theory under the sun sidetracked our office from its basic purpose of protecting the people of Arizona from actual crime and fraud.”

No one could be reached to get a comment from Brnovich.

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Election officials were allegedly working too rapidly to check voter signatures, according to Brnovich’s “interim study,” which also noted a decline in the number of votes with rejected signatures between 2016 and 2018 and again in 2020. He added that Maricopa County took too long to reply to information requests.

He published his report essentially intact after receiving criticism from the investigators who had examined a draught of his report, but he still made those assertions.

The county recorder’s office “followed its policy/procedures related to signature verification,” the investigation staff noted. “We did not identify any criminality or fraud in this area during the 2020 general election.” The county “was receptive and responsive to our requests,” they added.

Arizona became the focal point of efforts made by Trump backers to contest Biden’s victory. Republican state senators subpoenaed election materials and data. They hired Cyber Ninjas Inc., a Florida company run by a Trump supporter, to conduct an unprecedented study of the Maricopa County election.

The Cyber Ninjas investigation gave Biden more votes than the official tally. Still, it asserted that their findings raised serious concerns about how the election was handled in Maricopa County, including metro Phoenix and most of Arizona’s voters. Maricopa County is home to metro Phoenix. The allegations were judged unsubstantiated by the attorney general’s office’s investigation.

Brnovich’s investigators said, “our thorough analysis of CNI’s audit revealed they did not provide any proof to corroborate their assertions of widespread fraud or ballot manipulation.”

The announcement on Thursday is the most recent evidence that there was no major fraud in the 2020 presidential election and that Biden was legitimately elected. As he launches his third presidential campaign, Trump keeps claiming that the election was rigged against him, despite audits and reviews finding otherwise in the crucial states he ran in and his administration officials refuting his allegations.

The allegations of wrongdoing in the Cyber Ninjas review and Brnovich’s “interim report” have allegedly led to death threats and verbal abuse for election officials in Maricopa County, where almost all elected officials are Republicans.

According to Republican Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Clint Hickman, “This was a flagrant misuse of his elected office and an unacceptable waste of taxpayer resources, as well as a waste of the time and effort of experienced investigators.”

When filling out paperwork to record the pickup and delivery of postal votes, Maricopa County officials did not consistently follow state election rules, according to the findings of Brnovich’s investigators. However, they said the mistakes were administrative and that “investigators did not identify anything that would have affected the integrity of the votes or the final vote count.”

Even though two Republican state lawmakers could have faced criminal penalties for making false reports to law enforcement, investigators said neither Rep. Mark Finchem nor Sen. Sonny Borrelli reiterated their assertions that they were aware of election fraud. Republican state senator Wendy Rogers, a third politician, reportedly declined to speak with the investigators.

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