Following The Suspect Court Appearance For The Highway 160 Crash That Claimed Five Lives, A Riot Occurs

The Suspect Court Appearance For The Highway 160 Crash- The man accused of a Highway 160 collision that killed five people, including four teenagers, sent shockwaves through the community as he made his first court appearance.

Police intervened to break up a brawl between the suspect’s family and the victims’ families.

Moments after the court session ended, the full-scale riot started. In front of the jail, Cameron Garcia’s brother was making fun of Monte Nunn’s family, who lost a loved one in the accident last Thursday.

“the idiot. How can you thank my nephew, who welcomed him into his home and allowed him to reside there? “Franschelle Brown asked.

Monte Nunn’s aunt is named Brown. “He was making threats and making fun of us. And I was sure my brother would lose his cool because of his innocent son. That’s my brother’s sole child, sole child, “Brown added.

The Suspect Court Appearance For The Highway 160 Crash
The Suspect Court Appearance For The Highway 160 Crash

Family members yelled at the two to stop from both sides.

Family members claim that Nunn and Garcia had been close friends for a long time and cohabitated at the time of the disaster. Nunn’s family expressed outrage about his passing while riding in Garcia’s vehicle.

Garcia’s attorney, who was not informed of the altercation, said Garcia is sorry.

“Because of what happened, he is unfortunate. He lost close friends and family, which was a significant loss for him, “The lawyer claimed.

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An argument spilled outside the courthouse resulted from the tension following an unbelievable loss. Everyone was released, the sheriff’s office told CBS13, and there would be no legal repercussions for the altercation.

According to CBS13, this is not the first time Garcia has faced legal issues. His criminal history reveals that he received two prison sentences totaling more than five years for two burglary charges.

The new accusations against Garcia include hit-and-run causing injury or death, carjacking, gross vehicular manslaughter while drunk, DUI of alcohol resulting in injury or death, vehicle theft, and all of the above.

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