Florida Woman Wild Ride: Rockets 120 Feet Down Highway After Driving Off Tow Truck Ramp

It appears to be a scene from a big-budget Hollywood film. A vehicle shoots into the air after driving up the ramp of a flatbed tow truck on a Georgia highway. Additionally, a body camera worn by an officer recorded the full collision.

According to a police report on the May 24 collision, shocked drivers and law officials witnessed in terror as the Nissan Altima was flung 120 feet down the highway in Lowndes County.
The report states that the driver was a Florida native who was 21 years old. Speaking on behalf of the Georgia State Patrol, Courtney Floyd noted on Wednesday that she was transferred to South Georgia Medical Center with critical wounds.

According to the report, the Nissan struck another vehicle after flipping over, then fell end over end before coming to rest 23 feet down the road. The cop whose body camera captured the collision starts running to help the injured driver even before the automobile stops.

Flying debris struck a Lowndes County sheriff’s deputy, but his wounds weren’t life-threatening.

According to the accident report, the tow vehicle, a roll-back wrecker, was parked in the left lane with emergency lights on. In response to a previous incident, authorities had already arrived on the scene.

According to Lt. Crystal Zion of the Georgia State Patrol, the collision highlights the significance of Georgia’s “Move Over” Law.

She said, “Move over when you see those lights to slow down.”

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