Florida Man Breaks World Record For Living Underwater: A Tale Of Endurance And Exploration

A professor at a university in Florida has beaten the record for the longest period of time spent submerged, but he hasn’t decided to stop just yet, the professor tweeted.

It was Joseph Dituri’s 74th day at Jules’ Undersea Lodge on Saturday. The previous world record, which was 73 days, was established in 2014 by two other professors. Dituri Joseph is to remain submerged for 100 days.

He tweeted early on Sunday, “The desire for discovery has brought me here.” From the beginning, I set out to inspire future generations, talk to researchers who study life under the water, and discover how the human body responds to harsh conditions.

At the bottom of a 30-foot lagoon near Key Largo, Florida, sits Jules’ Undersea Lodge. Dituri has been researching how the body responds to prolonged exposure to high pressure during his stay. According to the University of South Florida (USF), he is not only learning about himself but is still instructing his online biomedical engineering class.

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