Fatal Fort Worth Shooting: 3 Dead, 8 Injured In Late-night Attack

After a shooting spree in Fort Worth, Texas, at least three people died, and eight more were injured.

CNN reports that the incident allegedly took place on Monday just before midnight.

Ten of the victims in the shooting are ad*lts, and one is a kid, according to a news release from the homicide division of the Fort Worth Police Department.

when police were called to complain about a shooting late on Monday, they discovered 11 victims in a parking lot in the Como district. Two people d*ed at nearby hospitals, while one d*ed at the site.

Although the eight additional victims were also hospitalized, authorities stated that it was unknown how they were doing. According to CNN, the police claimed that some people were transferred by private vehicles to nearby hospitals while the others were taken there by ambulance.

Here is Youtube Video of shooting place:

According to police, the incident happened shortly after the neighbourhood’s yearly ComoFest ended. Unknown as of yet is a motivation.

The parking lot had a “large crowd gathering” at the time of the shooting, Fort Worth Police Sgt. Jason Spencer reportedly told reporters, according to CBS News.

According to CNN, Capt. Shawn Murray of the Fort Worth Police Department announced at a press conference shortly after the shooting, “We had a shooting. It seems like we had several shot victims. They were transferred to Harris Southwest, most likely three of them. Five additional victims visited John Peter Smith.

Murray added that a sizable crowd had gathered in the area at the time of the incident.

The third of July is traditionally a significant festival in the Como area, Murray continued. They hold their parade, and then on July 3, they join together as a neighbourhood in the evening.

Fireworks killed one woman and injured nine late Monday night, Click on the below link for more information:

President Biden stated Tuesday. “Today, Jill and I grieve for those who have lost their lives, and as our nation celebrates Independence Day, we pray that our communities will be free from gun violence.”

The author continued that it was challenging for them to travel fast into the location since fireworks were being shot off and numerous individuals were attempting to evacuate the area due to the multiple gunshots.
Tuesday morning, the mayor of Fort Worth, Mattie Parker, posted on Twitter that she was “devastated” by the incident and said, “My heart breaks for the victims, their loved ones, and the entire Como community that works to build positivity and celebration in their community and our city.

If the shooting was tied to a domestic quarrel or a gang, police said it was too early to tell. According to Murray, “At this point, we just know somebody shot multiple times, and a bunch of people were injured about that,” The New York Times said. “Hopefully, there’s only one shooter,”

According to Officer Daniel Segura of the Fort Worth Police Department, the homicide unit is investigating the event. No one has been detained thus far, and the police request that anyone with information phone them.

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