Erdogan Suggests That Turkey Might Approve Finland Nato Admission

Erdogan Suggests That Turkey Might Approve Finland Nato Admission- According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara may soon confirm Finland’s NATO application, enabling it to join the military alliance without Sweden.

Finland and Sweden abandoned their decades-long nonalignment and submitted applications to the alliance after being alarmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago. 28 NATO members have confirmed their admission, and all 30 NATO members have approved their applications. Only Hungary and Turkey have not yet completed this.

The government of Turkey charges Sweden with having a lenient stance towards Kurdish groups, which it views as “terror” organizations and existential dangers.

Several protests in Sweden, including when an anti-Islam extremist burned the Quran outside the Turkish consulate, have also incensed Turkish officials.

Yet, Ankara claims that it has fewer issues with Finland’s membership.

Erdogan Suggests That Turkey Might Approve Finland Nato Admission

Erdogan replied, “God willing, if it is for the better,” when asked by reporters on Wednesday whether Turkey may ratify Finland’s membership following the visit by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto this week.

Whatever the method is, it will work, according to Erdogan. “We’ll each play a part. We’ll stick to our word. On Friday, we will meet with the president to fulfill our promise.

Niinisto and Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto will visit the areas impacted by the deadly earthquakes that struck sections of Turkey and Syria last month when they arrive in Turkey on Thursday.

Erdogan and Niinisto are expected to meet on Friday in Istanbul.

According to Reuters, the Finnish president anticipates that Erdogan will confirm Turkey’s support.

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Niinisto wrote in an email to Reuters, “We understood that when Turkish President Erdogan on his part has agreed to confirm Finland’s NATO membership, he wishes to meet and fulfill his commitment president to president.” Two Turkish officials who spoke to Reuters anonymously mirrored the Turkish president’s upbeat remarks.

One of the officials stated that it is possible that the prerequisite for Finland’s NATO membership will be fulfilled before [parliament] adjourns and the election is held.

Before the legislative and presidential elections slated for May 14, the Turkish parliament’s current session is expected to expire in mid-April.

The second official stated that the president of Finland would receive encouraging messages during his visit.

The two Nordic countries could join NATO at the summit scheduled for July 11 in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, according to the United States and other NATO members.

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