Due To The Covid-19 Vaccine, Jamie Foxx Was Rendered Blind And Paralyzed

Regarding Jamie Foxx, a Hollywood star, some disturbing information has surfaced. According to recent reports, as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, Jamie is reportedly partially paralyzed, blind, and suffering from other serious problems.

After taking the shot, Jamie Foxx developed a blood clot in his brain. Despite not wanting the shot, he felt obligated to get it for the movie he was in.

The actor’s situation has gotten worse, says journalist A.P. Benza, because of a “blood clot in his brain.” According to the journalist, Jamie is “partially blind and paralyzed.” The writer claims that a trustworthy source told him that the COVID vaccine was to blame for Foxx’s mysterious illness.

The circumstances of the medical emergency and his present health have not been addressed in an official statement by his family.

Numerous notable celebrities and Foxx’s pals have extended their best wishes to the actor ever since word of his health issues first surfaced.

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