Donald Trump’s Attorney Challenges ‘Strange Verdict’ in E. Jean Carroll Rape Case While Verdict Does Not Affect Presidential Bid

On Tuesday(09/05/2023), “Donald Trump’s Attorney Challenges ‘Strange Verdict’ in E. Jean Carroll Rape Case While Verdict Does Not Affect Presidential Bid” Joe Tacopina, an attorney for Donald Trump, referred to the jury’s decision to dismiss the rape charge against her client as a “strange verdict” in the ongoing civil lawsuit.
Trump was convicted of battery for the 1996 sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll, but the jury disagreed with Carroll’s claim that Trump raped her. Because of the civil judgment, he will not be criminally prosecuted.
Tacopina said he would “obviously” challenge the verdict as he left the Manhattan Courthouse.
The attorney claimed that “Trump is steadfast in his belief” that a fair trial is impossible for his client “based on the jury pool” in New York City.
One could argue that this is an accurate assessment, as Tacopina said, “based on what happened today.”
He claimed that many arguments could be given.

Why E. Jean Carroll’s civil case ruling doesn’t Affect Trump’s presidential bid

The outcome of E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump has no bearing on his eligibility to run for President in 2024.

Trump's attorney has stated that their client intends to appeal
Trump’s attorney has stated that their client intends to appeal.

This is a civil lawsuit, and Trump faced various legal proceedings during the 2016 campaign, including fraud cases involving Trump University. They were resolved soon after his election and did not affect his ability to fulfill his constitutional duties as President.
Trump has also been exposed to criminal liability in tangent line areas, most notably in a case brought against him by prosecutors in Manhattan for paying money to women who claim to have had extramarital encounters with him.
Other federal criminal investigations surround him, including one into the mismanagement of White House papers, another into Congress’s efforts to obstruct 2020 election certification, and an investigation into election sabotage schemes in Atlanta.
Even if the former President is found guilty in a court of law, it will not prevent him from running for office again.
Convicted criminals have previously run for federal office, including the presidency.
In 1920, after receiving over 900,000 votes for the presidency, Socialist candidate Eugene Debs was jailed for espionage.

New York defines sexual assault as assault

The jury in the civil lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll against Donald Trump was told that a person is guilty of sexual abuse if they force another person to engage in sexual activity against their will.
New York defines “sexual contact” as “touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person to gratify the sexual desire of either party.”
Forced sexual contact with another individual without their consent is considered rape under state law. The term “sexual intercourse” in this statute refers to “any penetration, however slight, of the penis into the vaginal opening.”
In New York, both sexual abuse and rape are considered to be sexual assaults.
Even while the jury did not rule in Carroll’s favor on her rape claim, they did in her favor on her civil battery claim, awarding her damages.

He describes the jury’s decision as a “total disgrace”

Former President Donald Trump dismissed the jury’s decision in a Truth Social post as a “total disgrace” and “a continuation of the biggest witch hunt ever.”
Yet he stated in the piece that he had no idea who E. Jean Carroll was.
Trump’s statement was reiterated by his spokesman, Steven Cheung, who called the lawsuit “bogus.”

As the judge announced the verdict, E. Jean Carroll looked relieved and happy.

During the decision reading in the Manhattan federal court, CNN correspondent Kara Scannell saw former magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll grasping the hand of attorney Shawn Crowley.

According to the witness, the author “seemed relieved,” rocked forward, and cracked a smile.

On Tuesday, the jury found former president Donald Trump guilty of sexually abusing and defaming Carroll, awarding her approximately $5 million.

Attendees complied with Judge Lewis Kaplan’s request for decorum and restraint before the judgment was read, Scannell reported.

According to Scannell, Carroll embraced her primary counsel, Roberta Kaplan, once the jury was dismissed and the verdict was announced. She claimed that Joe Tacopina, an attorney for Trump, approached the plaintiff’s table and shook hands with Carroll and her lawyer.

The judge instructs the jury to reveal their identities, although they are strongly discouraged.

Before dismissing the jury, Judge Lewis Kaplan told them they were free to reveal their identities, though he strongly suggested they not do so.
My recommendation is that you keep your identities secret. Not now, and probably not for a while,” Kaplan added.
I direct you not to identify anyone else who sat on this jury if you choose to speak to others and identify yourselves to others,” Kaplan added. “No matter what you decide for yourselves, you each owe that to the other.”

The jury in Carroll’s violence and slander has awarded him $5 million

On Tuesday, a jury convicted former president Donald Trump guilty of sexually abusing and defaming author E. Jean Carroll and awarded Carroll a total of roughly $5 million.  

Carroll was granted almost $2 million for her civil battery claim and approximately $3 million for her defamation claim against Trump, both of which were upheld by the jury.

Carroll filed a battery suit against Trump, claiming that his actions amounted to sexual battery, including rape, sexual abuse, and coercive touching. While the jury did not rule in her favor on her rape allegation, they did in her favor on her battery claim, awarding her damages. 

With the passage of the New York Adult Survivors Act in May 2022, victims of sexual crimes now have the right to sue their attackers in civil court for damages, regardless of how long ago the statute of limitations on such claims may have run. 

Carroll walked out of the courthouse with her counsel hand in hand, beaming, after hearing the judgment. She did not respond to the reporters who yelled questions at her.

Roberta Kaplan, her lawyer, made a brief statement: “We’re pleased.”

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