Dead Woman Discovered Breathing Inside Coffin

After a suspected stroke, Babahoyo Hospital doctors proclaimed Bella Montoya, 76, dece@sed.

She was coffined and transferred to a funeral parlor, where relatives staged a vigil before her burial.

After almost five hours, they opened the coffin to change her clothes for the funeral, and she gasped.

“My mum started to move her left hand, to open her eyes, her mouth; she struggled to breathe,” Gilbert Balber├ín said when he realized his mother was alive.

One mourner’s video shows her trying to breathe in an open casket, while another complains that an ambulance they phoned hasn’t arrived.

Minutes later, firefighters transferred Bella Montoya from the coffin onto a stretcher and took her to the hospital, where she was certified de@d.

Her son informed Ecuadorean media she was responsive in intensive care.

Dead Woman Discovered Breathing Inside Coffin

My mother’s heart is steady on oxygen. “The doctor pinched her hand, and she reacted; they tell me that’s good because it means she’s reacting little by little,” he told El Universo.

A committee from Ecuador’s health ministry is investigating.

Mr. Balber├ín said he took his mother to the hospital at 09:00, “and at noon, a doctor told me [she] died.”

He received a de@th certificate stating that she died of cardiopulmonary arrest following a stroke.

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Not just Bella Montoya has “come alive” after being declared de@d.

A New York funeral home found an 82-year-old woman breathing in February. She died three hours earlier at a nursing facility.

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