Cardi B Denies Cheating On Offset: Stop Acting Stupid

Offset allegedly accused Cardi B of cheating in an Instagram post that has since been removed. Cardi B appeared to respond to this. It’s important to note that it’s not apparent if Offset posted it himself.

After singing a piece of Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated,” Cardi addressed the most recent rumors regarding her and Offset’s relationship.

“Listen. It would be best if you guys didn’t listen to that countryman, she stated on Twitter Spaces. “Don’t listen to that backwoods crook. That episode of Spaces from the other day sent many into a tailspin and the dumps. Now, let’s go. N***a, I’m f*cking Cardi B. Motherf*ckers, I believe, occasionally forget.

Cardi B is here. If I were to give this p*ssy to someone, it would not be just anyone. You can’t f*ck with routine, regular, or singular because they’ll tell everyone. I also can’t f*ck anyone in the business because they’ll find out. Have you ever heard Rubi Rose say, “Got a big a*s mouth?” So boy, please stop acting so foolish. Stop being so silly.

You can listen to the conversation of Cardi B, Click Here

Freaking out about space. Don’t try to trick me. What the hell? Stop performing. That is all I’m going to say, motherfucking.

Where the rumors originated, and the integrity of the screenshot of Offset’s Instagram are both unknown. In any case, it seems Cardi is uninterested in any of it.

The rumors surfaced soon after Offset and Quavo shared a stage together at the 2023 BET Awards to pay tribute to Takeoff, who p*ssed away. Their first performance as a group since their Migos bandmate was shot, and ki!!ed last year was at the commemoration.

Cardi was one of several who responded ecstatically to the incident, which sparked a significant amount of discussion online and among attendees at the BET Awards. “I can’t handle it at this time… About the performance, Cardi said, “I’m proud of my Boy.

Cardi B decided not to confront the accusations Offset had strayed from the marriage last year. Particularly noteworthy were the claims that he had an affair with Saweetie, which circulated among fans after Quavo included a line about it in the song “Messy” he and Takeoff made.

“Did you notice I was quiet? In a previous interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, she said, “I was silent because one thing I’m going to do [is] find out the truth. “You are aware that I was learning the truth. So, it’s like, if I post something on the internet that I know is false, people will say, “Oh, it must be true because you’re addressing it.” But whether that’s true or not depends on whether I address it.

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Offset and Cardi B filed for divorce in September 2020 but decided against it a month later. Offset was allegedly involved in an infidelity scandal with rapper and model Summer Bunni before that.

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