Cam Newton Threw At Auburn Pro Day

Cam Newton Threw At Auburn Pro Day- The quarterback, who had previously played for the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, was an unsigned free agent in 2022 and had played in just eight games the season before after switching teams mid-season. But Newton, 33, announced Monday night that he intends to throw at Auburn’s Pro Day on Tuesday, dispelling any notion that he is a retired quarterback.

In his declaration on Twitter, Newton made it very apparent that he still thinks he can start for the NFL. Please explain to me how these haphazard continue to land employment! In the video, Newton says. “Don’t stress over it.

Cam Newton Threw At Auburn Pro Day

I’ll demonstrate. I’m eager to show you.” Following around 45 seconds of highlights in which Newton made catches with receivers, he concluded the video with this unambiguous claim:

Those who watched Newton in Carolina and New England know he has never shied away from promoting himself. Newton also has a lot to advertise: Heisman Award at Auburn, three Pro Bowl selections, the 2015 NFL MVP title, and the most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback is all on his football résumé (75). He had 12 rushing touchdowns in 15 starts in 2020, just two years after taking over as the Patriots’ regular starter.

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But Newton also had a tough throwing season, completing only 65.7 percent of his throws for 2,657 yards, eight passing touchdowns, and ten interceptions. He hasn’t passed for more than 3,000 yards since 2018, so if he intends to compete for a position on an NFL team, he’ll need to show on Tuesday that he still possesses some of the pre-2019 Cam Newton.

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