Brownsville, Texas, Vehicle Accident Results In 8 Deaths And An Arrest Of The Driver

Police in Brownsville, Texas, said a car struck pedestrians waiting at a bus stop on Sunday morning, leaving eight people dead and nine more hurt.

According to a spokesman from the Brownsville Police Department, the collision happened around 8:30 a.m. in Brownsville next to the Ozanam Center when a gray Range Rover crashed into the bus stop.

In addition to those who passed away, several other patients are receiving serious and minor medical attention at the hospital, according to the police.

Police have a man suspect in custody who is a Brownsville resident and is being treated, according to the authorities.

Police stated that the suspect was being detained in the city jail and was refusing to speak.

Martin Sandoval, PIO for Brownsville Police, claims that some of those hurt on Sunday are immigrants. According to authorities, border patrol was in charge of the migrants.

In a statement released on Sunday, the American Civil Liberties Union said, “We grieve for the victims in Brownsville, Texas, who were run over outside a migrant shelter where people from all over the world are seeking asylum and safety.” “We are aware that there is still an investigation into the motive.

The Biden administration is considering imposing a new asylum prohibition geared at discouraging rather than embracing migrants seeking protection when this horrifying incident occurs following weeks of Texas legislators intensifying their anti-immigrant politics.

According to authorities, the motorist receives medical care while monitored around the clock by a guard. Testing for alcohol and drug use is now being done, according to the police.

Investigators remained mum on a potential cause or whether the collision was deliberate.

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A Department of Homeland Security representative stated that Secretary Mayorkas had been informed of Brownsville’s unfortunate events and reached out to local authorities to express his sympathies and the department’s full assistance. “The Department is in close contact with regional authorities to offer support.”

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