Brazil Floods: 48 Dead As Landslides And Looters Obstruct Relief Efforts For Survivors

Brazil Floods: 48 Dead As Landslides And Looters Obstruct Relief Efforts For Survivors-
As the official death toll in the coastal districts of Brazil’s southern So Paulo state increased to 48, search and rescue teams scrambled to discover the dozens of individuals still unaccounted for.

While further rain was predicted to fall on Wednesday, the governor of So Paulo, Tarcsio de Freitas, told reporters, “We are now working with a figure of at least 38 missing people.”

The wealthiest state in Brazil, which has already received more than 600mm (23.6 inches) of rain, has seen landslides and flooding due to intense downpours. This is the nation’s most considerable cumulative rainfall ever to fall.
According to a statement from the So Paulo state administration, casualties increased from 46 a day earlier.

Brazil Floods: 48 Dead As Landslides And Looters Obstruct Relief Efforts For Survivors
Brazil Floods: 48 Dead As Landslides And Looters Obstruct Relief Efforts For Survivors

Firefighters, police, and volunteers were still hoping to discover survivors among the wreckage of the homes damaged by the landslides as rescue efforts continued. The So Paulo state administration reports that 1,730 individuals have been relocated, and 1,810 have been left without a place to live.

With 47 recorded fatalities, roughly 200 kilometres (124.3 miles) from So Paulo, the city of So Sebastiao took the brunt of the toll. Nonetheless, surrounding communities, including Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba, Bertioga, and Ubatuba, also suffered greatly.

After an overcast morning, “moderate to heavy showers” are predicted to fall until early evening, according to the state administration, as a new cold front favours the formation of thick clouds over the area.

The ministry stated that important roadways, including the Mogi-Bertioga and Rio-Santos highways remained impassable because of landslides. Still, the state-run water utility Sabesp was able to resume supplies to the area.
Government and private assistance organisations were rushing to give needs, but getting to the remote villages was challenging.

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In So Sebastiao, homeless people receive shelter in schools, kindergartens, and churches. According to the So Paulo state administration, the victims have received almost 7.5 tonnes of emergency supplies, including food, water, and hygiene kits.

De Freitas told the G1 news site that while some aid has arrived at its destination, some hasn’t due to criminals who took advantage of the confusion and looted vehicles carrying supplies.

On Wednesday, the town of So Sebastiao in Brazil’s hardest-hit mountainous coastal region, Barra do Sahy, was the destination of Marina Silva, the country’s environment minister. Reuri Nascimento, a resident, challenged Silva there and claimed to have removed 22 bodies with his quad bike. He lamented the abandonment of the flood and landslide victims and claimed that relief was not getting to them.

Why haven’t the police shown up to assist us? We don’t know where the food is going, and there is food trafficking, he stated.
According to Silva, the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is trying to make things better. Silva said that the city’s poorest residents, who live close to the hillside, will need special attention as we try to adapt the city.

As a last resort, a local court on Wednesday authorised the state of So Paulo and the municipality of So Sebastiao to evict people of high-risk locations who refuse to leave.

The most recent in a string of such catastrophes to hit Brazil recently, where subpar building, sometimes on slopes, may have tragic results during the country’s rainy season.

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