Beyonce Wows Crowds With Britney Spears Toxic Remix On Renaissance Tour

One musical tribute was genuinely unexpected among the numerous surprises Beyoncé had in store for the Beyhive in attendance at the official launch of her Renaissance World Tour on Wednesday (May 10) at Stockholm, Sweden’s Friends Arena.

As the concert’s second half ended, Beyoncé switched to the Renaissance song “Thique,” backed by the French dancing group Les Twins. She began singing, “She thought she was killin’ that sh-, I told her, “Go harder,”/ Just look at this alkaline wrist ’cause I got that water” before the iconic instrumental of Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” which had been altered with a ticking noise to add depth, began to play in the background. Naturally, fans screamed with delight when Bey acknowledged another musical icon.

Beyoncé sang “America Has a Problem” in the concert’s second half while donning a stylish bee costume and serving as a news anchor. The set included “on air” signage and a “KNTY 4 News” desk with colleagues and reporters who served as her backing dancers. Beyoncé rode the chrome horse depicted on the Renaissance album cover before using suspension cables to fly over the stadium as the House of Renaissance vogue dance-off brought the show to a close.

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During the big conclusion, as backup dancers gathered onstage and confetti began to fall from the roof, she addressed the audience. She said, “I want y’all to give it up for yourselves for being such a wonderful audience.” God be with you.

The Renaissance World Tour will make stops in London, Barcelona, Brussels, and Amsterdam before continuing through Europe until July 9 and then making two appearances at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

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