Australian world’s most similar twin sisters claim to marry a same guy

Australian world's most similar twin sisters claim to marry a same guy

Two sisters self-portrayed as “the world’s most indistinguishable twins” expecting to get pregnant by their mutual boyfriend and, if the law would permit it, marry him.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who made their declaration on an Australian morning show a month ago, affirmed to Fox News this week that their shared boyfriend is “exceptionally upbeat” with the arrangement.

The DeCinque twins, 33, showed up on the show Dec. 3 to examine their choice to shun plastic medical procedure in spite of grasping such methodology before, however they before long multiplied down on cases that they were wanting to wed — and get pregnant by — sweetheart Ben Byrne.

“On the off chance that we can change the law in the administration, we’d love to wed Ben,” one of the ladies said in a clasp from the show, which the DeCinque sisters shared to their YouTube channel on Jan. 2.

“This is the thing that works for us. Individuals need to get that. We’re not harming anybody,” said the other sister.

The twins at that point uncovered that it was their very own mom’s thought for Byrne to attempt to get them both pregnant normally, however they said they don’t know whether they can pull that off.

“Our mother is really persuading us to go normally, conceive an offspring normally, so I don’t realize how that will function [because] we should be pregnant in the meantime,” one of the ladies said.

“Ben will be a bustling boy,” reacted “Today” moderator Deborah Knight.

The twins had recently uncovered that they both needed to end up pregnant by Byrne in a YouTube video they posted in 2017, however they said they were thinking about utilizing a surrogate or IVF medicines, Yahoo! Way of life detailed at the time.

“It is somewhat of a problem,” said Lucy. “We realize that is the place nature comes in, we can’t control these things. You can’t compel these things.”


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