At Michigan State University, 3 People Died, Including The Shooter

A shooter opened fire at Michigan State University on Monday night, leaving three people dead and five more injured. After an hours-long manhunt that drove terrified students to shelter in the dark, the shooter shot himself slowly miles away.

Four hours after shootings erupted at Berkey Hall, an academic structure, and later nearby at the MSU Union, a well-liked gathering place for eating and studying, police made the man’s death known early on Tuesday.

Chris Rozman, the temporary deputy chief of the university police, described the situation as “really a nightmare we’re facing today.” Numerous police officers searched the East Lansing campus, located about 90 miles (145 kilometers) northwest of Detroit, looking for the culprit, who was described by authorities as a short Black man wearing a ball hat, red shoes, and a jean jacket.

At Michigan State University, 3 People Died, Including The Shooter
At Michigan State University, 3 People Died, Including The Shooter

Police confronted the 43-year-old guy outside campus before he killed himself with a “self-inflicted gunshot wound,” according to Rozman.

His name, the nature of the gun, and what the police discovered at the site were not immediately disclosed. According to Rozman, the man had no connection to Michigan State and was neither a student nor an employee.

“We don’t know why he came to campus tonight to carry out this act. Our continuing inquiry includes that, the deputy chief added.

The shooting at Michigan State is the latest violent start to the year in the United States. In major shootings so far in 2023, dozens of people have died, most notably in California, where 11 people were killed as they celebrated the Lunar New Year at a club frequented by senior Asian Americans.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, more than 600 mass shootings in the United States in 2022 resulted in at least four fatalities or injuries.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lamented, “This is a uniquely American problem.”

Rozman reported that five individuals were in critical condition at Sparrow Hospital, and two people were killed at Berkey and another at the MSU Union.

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Police said Berkey and the neighboring residence halls had been secured around 10:15 p.m.

Ted Zimbo claimed that as he made his way to his dorm, he came across a woman with “a tonne of blood on her.”

Zimbo told The Associated Press, “She told me, ‘Someone came into our classroom and started firing. “Her hands were drenched in blood from head to toe. Her shoes and jeans both had them. It’s my friend’s blood, she remarked. According to Zimbo, the woman drove off to retrieve a friend’s car, and he went back to his SUV in a parking garage and covered himself with a blanket to conceal himself for three hours.

When Ryan Kunkel, 22, learned about the shooting from a school email, he took an Engineering Building class. He claimed that Kunkel and a group of 13 other students pretended a shooter was outside the door while turning out the lights.

“Nothing came out of anyone’s mouth for more than four hours,” he claimed.

I wasn’t prepared to acknowledge that this was happening right next to me, next door. It’s near my college,” stated Kunkel. “I’m meant to be coming here to learn, grow, and become a better person.

Instead, students are suffering injuries. The hours-long drama had worn out students, WDIV-TV meteorologist Kim Adams, whose daughter attends Michigan State, informed viewers before the shooter was discovered dead.

Adams stated, “They’ve been hiding in a dark room with all the lights out.

Junior Aedan Kelley said he closed his doors and covered his windows “just in case” because his home is less than a half-mile (one kilometer) east of the university. There were continuous sirens, and a chopper flew overhead.

Everything is pretty terrifying, said Kelley. “And then I get all these texts from folks asking whether I’m OK,” she continued.

About 50,000 students attend Michigan State, 19,000 of whom reside on campus. For 48 hours, all school, sports, and other events were postponed.

Teresa Woodruff, the institution’s interim president, said it would be a moment “to contemplate, grieve, and come together.”

This Spartan family, or community, will reunite, according to Woodruff.

From Indianapolis, Kusmer filed a report. Ed White and Corey Williams from the AP’s Detroit bureau contributed to this report.

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