Arrested NewsNation Reporter Evan Lambert Released Today

NewsNation Reporter Evan Lambert Released- After his release late Wednesday night, Evan said, “As you can see, I’m fine, but it’s been a long day. Most of this is on video, so it’s easy to see.”
6:32 PM PT — TMZ quotes Governor Mike DeWine’s representative. “Governor DeWine did not witness the incident. Governor DeWine was unaware of the request to stop the reporter’s live broadcast.”

The rep added, “As the Governor said after today’s briefing, he has always respected the media’s right to report live before, during, and after his press briefings, and the interruption to the reporter’s broadcast should not have taken place.”

Arrested NewsNation Reporter Evan Lambert Released Today
Arrested NewsNation Reporter Evan Lambert Released Today

“I Just spoke with Evan, who called from the Columbiana County Jail, where he is currently detained,” NewsNation Bureau Chief Mike Viqueira said at 5:01 PM PT on Evan Lambert’s arrest.

Continued Viqueira, “First, Evan is safe and calm and works with professionalism and integrity daily. As the videos show, he was doing his job—reporting to the public on urgent, critical interest to our audience—without incident.”

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Mike claims Evan’s release “Local law enforcement told Evan he could be released at 8:30 ET tomorrow. We’re doing everything we can to help Evan get out “Law enforcement arrested a reporter covering Governor Mike DeWine’s news conference Wednesday for allegedly disrupting it.

Governor DeWine was discussing a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, at a gym when NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert was live. Police told Lambert he was interrupting the Governor, but Lambert continued his report.
Local police cuffed Lambert after he finished, prompting onlookers to ask why.

Lambert was handcuffed and jailed. TMZ reports that a NewsNation executive said Lambert would have to spend the night in jail and that the Governor called the network to request his release. Lambert was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

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