Allen, Texas Shooter Arsenal: 8 Guns Used in Mall Rampage

In a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, authorities revealed that the mall gunman in Allen, Texas, started his attack over the weekend with three firearms on him and five more in his car.

Hank Sibley, regional director of the North Texas district for the Texas Department of Public Safety, claimed that Mauricio Garcia, 33, who shot and killed eight people on Saturday while they were shopping at the Allen Premium Outlets mall, specifically targeted the mall.

Instead of aiming for a particular group of people, the shooter chose the place,

According to Sibley, “He simply shot people.”

Sibley claimed that the gunman was shot and killed by an Allen police officer who had been at the mall for another reason in 3 to 4 minutes, “saving countless lives.” Due to the current investigation, authorities are holding off on disclosing the name of the police officer.

The eight guns the shooter used were tracked down by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who discovered that he had legally acquired them, according to Sibley.

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According to the authorities, the gunman had no prior convictions and was “completely off the police radar,” according to Sibley.

He had an expired Texas security guard license, and Sibley stated he had worked for several companies but hadn’t worked recently. Authorities declined to clarify whether he had ever worked at the mall before.

According to Sibley, the shooter’s patches and tattoos indicated to investigators that he had “neo-Nazi ideas.” Authorities stated that they are gathering information and digital evidence for the continuing investigation and that the FBI has the shooter’s computer and phone.

Sibley claimed that the gunman might have been released from the Army in 2008 before finishing boot camp due to mental health issues, but that didn’t stop him from getting a gun. Every weapon he bought, according to Sibley, was authorized.

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