Alex Murdaugh Appeals Convictions In Murders Of Wife And Son

Alex Murdaugh Appeals Convictions In Murders Of Wife And Son- According to a three-page court document filed on Thursday by his defense team, former South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh will appeal his convictions and sentencing for the deaths of his wife and son in 2021.

The petition was anticipated because Murdaugh had ten days after being found guilty last week to send an appeal notice, and his counsel had said they intended to do so.

“Jim Griffin, the defense attorney, and I submitted our notice of appeal for Alex Murdaugh today. The struggle for Alex’s constitutional right to a fair trial will now move on in court, according to one of Murdaugh’s attorneys, Dick Harpootlian, who posted the statement on Twitter on Thursday.

After a trial that lasted several weeks and featured numerous witnesses, Murdaugh was found guilty of murder on March 2 in the shooting deaths of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, in South Carolina in June 2021. Also, he was found guilty on two counts of having a weapon while committing a violent offense.
He was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole on Friday.

Alex Murdaugh Appeals Convictions In Murders Of Wife And Son

According to the prosecution, Murdaugh killed his wife and son on their property in Islandton, South Carolina, to divert attention from and stall the investigation into his alleged financial misdeeds. They focused on his long history of dishonesty, alleging that he stole millions of dollars from his former customers and law company and frequently lied to hide his crimes.

Due to his drug addiction-related anxiety, Murdaugh revealed in court that he stole money and lied about it. He also acknowledged that he misled investigators about his location soon before the killings. He vehemently denied, however, killing his son and wife.

Less than three hours were passed when the jury reached its judgment of guilty.

“I would never under any circumstances hurt my wife Maggie, and I would never under any circumstances hurt my son,” Murdaugh vowed to the judge as he was being sentenced.

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In an interview last week, Murdaugh’s defense lawyer, Harpootlian, Said his client “anticipated” the judgment but was “not thrilled” with it.

Murdaugh faces 99 charges in a different case that has not yet been trialed for various alleged financial crimes, including allegedly defrauding his legal company, clients, and the government of millions of dollars.

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